Movie Review | Sherlock Holmes

I have never read any of the Sherlock Holmes books. In fact in discussing them with a friend I was told that The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by: Laurie R King does it better. Perhaps when I am ready I will start there, maybe do a little compare and contrast to the original inspiration.

However, despite not having read it, it still looked like an amazing movie. So on New Years Day greatly hung over and lacking energy, when friends said lets go do this, I said yes. I should also mention that I love costumes. Any period piece will draw me in with costumes alone. Needless to say the movie delivered tenfold on that front. It was a feast to look at all of the little details.

The movie was amazing. The setting was very well done, the attention to detail was astonishing. I felt that we got a good sense for what London was like then. And even if it wasn’t like that, I still really admired what they did.

The actors also did a splendid job. I believed their characters and wasn’t viewing them for previous parts, or stereotyping them. And the script was very well written. I would have loved to be the scriptwriter on that project. And kudos to the director who pulled it together as well as the rest of the team that made this film possible.

When Sherlock was looking for clues, we saw him do it. We saw what he touched what he looked at. When the final moments came and he pieced things together, we knew where he was grabbing his information. It astounded me though how much he knew. In this day and age we are very dependant on the Internet for looking up information. To not have the same resources, and solve those problems, is a commendable task.

Also when Sherlock would attack someone he had a mental calculation of exactly what he would do, and you would see it, and then he would do it and you would see it again. How he could assess people so well was astonishing, however, for one moment I would have liked had he been wrong. It just seamed too arrogant for him to be right all the time.

I also found the London Police force was comical in their incompetency, however I also really liked how genuine they were too. I liked how they treated Sherlock, with respect instead of resentment. It could have easily gone the other way.

I was genuinely drawn in by the story and how it developed. The conclusion left room for a sequel, but now that we know the world, it may not be so spectacular to visit it again. Each time Sherlock will look for clues and pick up a rock we’ll just file that away and wonder how he will connect it. The same awe and wonder would be lost in a sequel. However, I would still be interested in seeing how they would manage it.

P.S. They had a bulldog instead of a basset hound. I was a wee bit disappointed by that of course because I have basset hounds, however I also understand how hard they are to train, so can see why the change in dog was made.


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