Review | Eerie Cuties

This is my third web comic. They are a most recent development, spring 2009. I got caught up on this comic in approximately 2 hours. It isn’t very far in the story line and still heavily in world building mode, however still very entertaining.

As per the graphics: the color is vibrant and the graphics are good bordering on anime, yet with their own twist.

This story takes a whole bunch of supernatural elements tosses them in a pot (special school) and sets them to boil. The idea is for some great comic relief. The characters seem a little shallow, still I like their idiocy. I find it amusing and entertaining. They have Vampires, Secubi, Werewolves, Ghost Pirates and more. With so many different elements it borders on cheese but manages to pull it off.

They first started with a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule but have since adjusted to a Monday, Wednesday schedule. I am very interested in seeing how things develop and if this project has enough wind in it sails to propel it onwards.


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