Article | It’s Monday, What are you Reading? & other weekly updates

It’s Monday, What are you Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person’s Journey Through A World Of Books to discuss what we are reading this week, as well as books completed the previous week. This will be my new Monday night routine, besides of course my writing meeting, I will check in with my reading goals too. 

This Past Week:

Finished: Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men  By: Molly Harper
General Update:

This past week has been slow. I am at odds with not working, and am trying to find the perfect balance for my days.  Ideally I want to read, write, knit, and walk dogs every day.  For some reason my days have been only one of those events.  One full day of only one.  It is nice to dig deep and really put my heals into a project, but disconcerting too to not have a steady pace.  

Also, I need to do another round of job hunting/application.  I am thinking of making Tuesday my official day for this.  One day of having to do what I don’t want to do, is better than trying to break it into smaller daily chunks from my experience.  That way it is over and done with and I have bought myself relax time for the rest of the week.  

I have finished the first glove of Fetching.  It is a wee bit small for me, so I think I might be gifting it to someone for their upcoming birthday, as I think they have smaller hands.  This kind of excites me.  I will of course knit the pattern again and have some tweaks I want to do with it for my second set of gloves.  

And the future of this blog.  I am seriously seriously considering moving it over to WordPress.  I am really enjoying working with that interface for the UW blog posts that I do.  When making a links it asks if I want to target it to open in a new window or current window and I also don’t have spacing issues with it either.  I have just got this place looking how I want to, but constantly having to fiddle with the HTML on every post is annoying.  

Other news, Cowboy is going back to work.  His dad pushed a little harder to get Cowboy on the job site sooner.  Cowboy wants to stay for his next gig,  but he may be flying out before then.  This is a mining contract in for 28 days out for 14.  I am on the fence about how I feel about this.  Good considering that this will help to get us out of a tight financial situation, as it pays really well.  If my past employer calls me back and offers a relocation, I am no longer in a position where I have to take it. I can bargain.  If they are willing to give me a raise I will go, if they are not my current wage isn’t worth relocating over.  I have a good life here, I have a writing group, and various other things that make me happy.  Life isn’t just about money, it’s about lifestyle. In order for me to give up my current lifestyle, it must have a pleasing price tag attached to it.  If not I have other options.  I will take a pay cut to preserve lifestyle currently.  With minimum wage going up in March it won’t be a debilitating pay cut either.  Other bright sides to the schedule is that for the 28 days he is gone I will have that time to do exactly what I like doing without feeling like I am ignoring someone in my life.  Also I can eat as much fish and spinach as I want.  Not a meal that Cowboy will partake in.  The downside is that those will be a lonely 28 days.  The good thing is that I have people in my life and a good lifestyle developed that I can get through it, without it being to long/lonely.  The bad thing is that he may need the car there.  So I may be back to bussing it for everything.  Once I go back to work/find a new job, I will seriously have to look at budgeting to buy us another car.  

Life is about change and I am not the only one currently experiencing effects of change.  I said 2010 was going to be a good year and I maintain that optimism.  Life is what you make of it.  Change is good depending on how you react to it.  Last year was definitely a trying year, and it doesn’t look like this year will be much different, just with a new set of challenges. I have faith however that we’ll get through this and be stronger for it.  

What I know I will always have no matter what is my writing.   I can pursue that career path from anywhere.  It is definitely consoling to have that.  I am not geographically bound, even though I really do love my life here right now.  But if it came to it, I know can forge ahead elsewhere.  

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