Okay mes amis.  I am taking a wee bit of a break from the blogging bandwagon this week.  I thought that I would take tonight to get myself back on but the thing is I am not.

Here is why:

Cowboy is in town.  This means that my usual abundance of me time has shrunk in correlation to his presence.  I love his presence and him, so this is not a complaint.  But when I do have me time, I try not to use it as blog time, but more as read/write time.  Sorry guys, but that is the ugly truth.

Secondly, I started a new job this Monday.  I used to work as an office assistant for a company that worked closely with the mining sector.  However, after 2 temporary layoffs in the past 12 months it was time to start looking for a new position.  I lucked out and applied for a position at the local college.  I work less hours, but make more money hourly.  Which means I actually make a wee bit more a month than I did previously.  As my hours are less, I do not work Fridays.  I have told my old company that I will be available to train a replacement for me on Fridays. So until that is done, I am still employed at the old place, but my status has been moved down from full time employee to casual employee.

The boss’s took me out for lunch last Friday.  And it was made clear to me that I could set my own terms for staying and that they would be reviewed and an offer would be made.  I did not do that.  I like to make a decision and go with it.  I did not want to leave anyone up in the air with maybes and what ifs.  If I say I am doing something, then I am going to do it.  A person is as good as their word.  I gave my word that I would accept the new position, I am not backing out to negotiate with an employer who did not acknowledge my value until I told them I was leaving.

Next time, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I am really glad to be on this new adventure.  The new position is as an Administrative Assistant in the International Department.  I am currently part time, and there are some sneaky job postings that must happen before the job can be handed to me on a full time basis.  I’ll find out official at the end of August.  But even if things some how do not work out, I have a fancy title to throw around on my resume.  And if it does work out, I have the type of job I stay at for the rest of my life with some very interesting future opportunities.  Like more schooling on them, and travel. Some people may not like the idea of travel, but since I want to see the world, this is a huge possible perk for me. In the mean time I learn the ropes one day at a time, until I become fluent and no longer feel lost.

And while one might think that working less would equal more blog time, it does not.  It means I have more Cowboy time while he is in town.  It means I have more life enjoying time. It means I am not going to worry about my blog until next week.  Sorry guys, but life is happening and I kind of want to enjoy it and not worry about the Internet right now.  I hope you take some time to just enjoy as well.


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