Article | Script Frenzy Day 3

Check in*: 9/100

Dear lord**, it has been a while since my last confession. To tell you the truth I was not completely enamored with the idea of Script Frenzy.  I did not feel that same spark that I felt for NaNoWriMo.  I felt like my heart was cheating as I was not giving Script Frenzy the full love and devotion it deserves.   This might stem from the fact that I have always desired to be a novelist, not a screenwriter.

However, after Thursday evening and our first event I started to glimpse the potential script writing has to augment my novel writing.  You see I am a discovery writer.  I have glimpses of were my plot could go in the future and future events, but I do not write outlines.  I prefer a more organic approach.  Because things change with dialogue and character reaction, and forcing it down a specific path does not work for me.  It doesn’t feel as natural.

But I have been having this problem with my novel writing.  Somewhere around chapter 3 I start to feel how clunky and undeveloped everything is.  I want to go back and put in more color here, and cut there, and tweak here.  I want to make it shinny and new.  It’s like a messy house.  I always feel better mentally after it is neat and clean again.  A made bed tickles me to no end.  Therefore in order for me to continue I feel as though my novel must be clean too.

Script writing however, might be my cure.  See script writing is surprisingly clean.  It requires little distration beyond basic setting.  What the character is doing and what they are saying.  No description on light and smell.  No need to wax poetic.  Very bare bones no meat kind of writing. Make sure your dialogue kicks, but leave the rest up to the actors, director, and the extensive crew to make it come to life.

And then it ocured to me.  I could write a script for my novels and discovery write the whole thing.  Start to finish.  Then I could go through it and flush it out and tweak it and make it sound all pretty.  Put in the character observations, thoughts, smells.  Details.  But for the first round, just write the basics.  My script could essentiall be my rough draft.

So I am aiming to write at least two scripts in the month of April.  This first one is a total geek out love affair I have with teen angst and vampires – it is my learning how to write a script, script, and a complete pantsing it experience.  The second one will be my first novel attempt that I failed at.  I think I might write it as a graphic novel.  And try to get to the end of it.

I am way way more excited about script writing now that I see it in new eyes.  It is bare bones and doesn’t hold the same details as novel writing.  But I can make that work to my advantage as opposed to distaining it for those reasons, like I might have previously been doing***.

* Will be doing a check in with every post in April as per my page count.  It will be as of the moment of posting the blog.  Therefore please don’t take that amount as my final count for the day.  I will log my final count at Script Frenzy each day (hopefully if I am not too lazy of  a slacker on that front).

**Seriously, I am not a religious person.  I believe in being a good person, being positive, and making the best of any situation.  But dude in the sky, and burning in hell, well I view them as interesting story telling, with moral bends.

*** Okay like I had been totally doing before.  I was thinking of it as less than a novel.  But it is merely just different than a novel.


One thought on “Article | Script Frenzy Day 3

  1. Sounds like you’re starting to get the hang of it. I knew you’d come to like Script Frenzy once you gave it a go. Keep on pushing, I’m sure you’ll get a decent skeleton of a novel out of it!

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