Article | Script Frenzy Day 6

It’s day 6 of Script Frenzy and this is way easier than I thought.  I still don’t have a clear clue of were my story is going.  But I am pretty sure there will be vampires.  It is going down the teenage anxty lines, so it really is not fit for anyone to see it.  EVER!!  But I am having a great time.  It’s good to just let go and let myself write crap.  I know it’s crap, but I am not even fixated (well not much anyways) on making it better.  I am just letting it flow out and enjoying the experience.

Consequently last night I also started to dream in script.  My hubby is working out of town and I was snoogling the dogs in bed.  I was spooning with Roo and for some reason I was frustrated that she wasn’t speaking to me in script, or that her name wasn’t popping up above her head before her dialogue.  It’s all very vague right now, but I know I think I was worried about her lack of lines.

So I need a conflict or something.  Also I wanted to avoid the empty girls, the bland ones. But I think my protag is one of them.  Though I am trying to give her quirks.  Suprisingly they are me like quirks.  Penchant for old fashioned dresses.  A love of musicals.  Mind you she studies way more than I ever did.  I had good grades, but I never got ahead in a class on purpose.  She does.  It’s a little creepy.

How are all y’all scripts going?

Any of you having trouble with plots?


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