Article | This is me not fit to be an advice columnist

My mom called me the other day to tell me about a writing opportunity, bless her heart.  It was a competition to win a one year contract as an advice columnist at Canoe.  I thought what the heck I will give it a go?

However, I don’t read advice columns.  I have tried but the problems is that sometimes I don’t side with the advice and other times I think it’s just to damned serious.  The only advice column I have ever read and enjoyed is when Patrick Rothfuss posts something from his college survival guide.  At least he had advice columns that were interesting and he did them all with a sense of humor.

For some reason I don’t think this contest is for his type of column.  And so in trying to answer these questions it dawned on me.  GROW UP!!! These people are trapped in their own selfish little struggles and can’t see past them.  They need some good common sense and some grow up given to them.

I tried answering this one for yesterday were this….. never mind me trying to sum it up. Sound Effects. Go and read it.

All I could think was man, if you are jealous it’s because your love life ain’t all that happening and I think maybe the bigger issue is that you should work on that rather than trying to restrain someone else’s.  It’s not like you walked in and they were doing it on your kitchen table.  They are doing it behind closed doors.

And then I read today’s question… Secondary Sibling Rivalry. Go ahead and read it.

My reaction was woman seriously you need a slap upside the head.  Because once again here is a case of jealousy.  Obviously your sister is going to relate more with a girl then with three boys.  Favoritism happens.  Get over it.  Be the bigger person and set an example and don’t let your tiff effect the relationship your boys are currently ruining with their cousin.

And it also it occurred to me that I am only getting what the person shares.  That there might be more underlying issues but that the person writing in isn’t objective enough to provide all of the information.

So this is me not being a fit advice columnist.  I can’t quite manage funny and witty and wise all at once, and all I really want to do is yell at these people for being immature and not being able to reach their own conclusions on their problems and expecting someone else to come up with the magic solution. I really think that these people need to learn how to take responsibility for their life and their actions.  And I don’t think that I am the person to tell them this.


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