It’s Monday What are you Reading/Weekly update

It’s Monday, What are you Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person’s Journey Through A World Of Books to discuss what we are reading this week, as well as books completed the previous week.

Last Week (and you know some time before that):

Started and Finished: Spellwright By: Blake Charlton

This Week:

Start and Finish: Wicked Lovely by: Melissa Marr

General Update:

So my life has been a little crazy hectic.  I have had a series of writing meetings in relation to Script Frenzy that are outside of my regular writing meeting schedule.  I like being busy, but I also miss the personal down time.

My reading has been a bit slow.  It turns out I was not mean to read three books a week.  I am lucky if I get through one book a week.  And instead of forcing myself to a quicker pace, and feeling stressed out about it, I am simply going to go back to my original pace.  Which is about one book a week, and if it is a bit longer and larger, it could take me up to 3 weeks also depending on my schedule.  I like being able to pace myself with a book, so am happy about this new change.

Our writing group has done a revamp clean up house kind of deal.  We have assessed what works for us, what we want to get from the group, and where we want to go with it.  It was a very productive meeting.  Consequently I have set myself a morning word count goal of 500 words on my novel in progress.  I know I can get more, but I want to ease myself in and not burn out.  Today should have been day one, and I did get up earlier, but not early enough.  Tomorrow I try again, and set the alarm a smidgen earlier to try once more.

And now for some poochy updates.  Last week Rory and Rosco were rough housing.  Nothing new.  She yelped.  That is also not nothing new.  But I went to the bedroom and checked anyways.  She was hiding one of her ears and when I got a look at it, it looked grazed on the cyst that she had and a wee bit swollen.  Like Rosco had bitten her cyst (she had had the cyst for about a year and the vet had looked at it last year and determined that it was nothing major).  So I moped it up and put some pollysporen on it, and we all went to bed.  Well in the morning her entire ear was swollen.  So I called the vet and got an appointment for that day.  We went in and she looked at it and gave me some anti inflammatory and some antibiotics.  Said to keep an eye on it, and if anything changes call.  Well the next day something changed.  She scratched it and there was blood and puss.  So I called in a panic and talked to a vet, and they said that it was actually good that it is coming out, and to help drain it with a warm facecloth and to keep it clean and keep her from agitating it any further.  It was fairly late at night so there was a mad dash to the pet store to get her a cone for her head, and let me assure you she looked quite comical.  Now things are healing along as planned, but man can I tell you those were a stressful couple of days combined with the rest of my life.  We have a check up this Wednesday evening for both the dogs to get their shots, so the vet will take another look at her ear then.  She’ll probably have a scar, but at least she kept her ear.

As some of you have noticed there has been some radio silence on the blog.  I like having a blog, but in conjunction to my reading habits I have been struggling for content.  I want to be regular about my posting habits, but I also want to have a focus.  So I have come up with the following:

Monday – What are you reading/personal update
Tuesday – Book Review
Wednesday – Books I am anticipating
Thursday – Writing check in
Friday – Movie Review/other random review
Saturday & Sunday – Off

I hope that is conducive for everyone else.  It works well for me and gives me a topic schedule to follow.

I am still very happy with my new job, but also a little mentally exhausted at the end of the day.  I really feel as though I am being put to good use, but it has been taking all of my concentration while at work.  On the bright side, I like the focus, and it stretches my brain muscles.

– Julia


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