Writing Check in – Thursday May 6, 2010

Provided I am not a lazy slacker, this will be my new routine for Thursdays.  A writing check in.

With Cowboy back in town AM writing hasn’t been happening.  It has been a series of late nights and warm snuggles and snooze buttons that haven’t been allowing me to rise out of bed earlier than 6:30.  Factor in a shower, attending to the dogs, lunches and all the female prep I have barely been making it out of the house in time in the mornings.

But I did start something new this week that should help me with my writing.  I have been journaling.  I have always avoided journaling for fear of a variety of reasons.  Someone reading it mostly.  And lack of a focus.  That I could be doing actual writing instead.  But then I read on a blog that suggested it was more akin to how an athlete would practice in order to get ready for the Olympics.  That is wasn’t actually writing, but writing practice.  And in that light, it clicked for me.  I need practice. Practice makes people better at things.  I could do with more practice.  So I scoured  my book shelves and found an empty cute fairy book I almost resisted writing in because damn me if the papers weren’t absolutely adorable and wanted a real fairy tale written on them as opposed to my ramblings.  But you know what?  It makes me look even more forward to writing in this book then I was before.  The cuteness of it all just makes me want to indulge in it.

I have a good focus on Chapter 4 of the work in progress.  Now I just have to slug in through the muck and pick out the gems.  Chapter 4 will require a decent amount of surgery before I can make it presentable.  But presentable it will be.  The goal is to get that cleaned up by next week.

Speaking of goals, I am going to stop putting outlining on my weekly goals or at least for the next week, because I just don’t have the time to deal with it how I want to deal with it.   I want an entire afternoon of me and my notebook and some tea and just scribbling wildly wherever the wind takes me.  I need to write down all of the randomness and just let go with the story.  Then put the ideas onto cue cards and organize the bejeazes out of them.

With Cowboy in town, much of my spare time is being otherwise occupied.  All of that me time I have been getting used to is no longer just me time.  It is us time.  This really affects the availability I have for writing.  I have been enjoying all of our distractions, so this is in no way a complaint.  It’s just a reality shifter.  After he goes back to work, I can bugger off into my writing world again and loose myself to its geekery.    Now I must frolic in the real world.

I did finish Script Frenzy, and my script is utter crap.  Total nonsense.  Next year I am doing a graphic novel and a wee bit of plotting before I start this exercise.  Also deliberate thinking in regards to what goes in, what stays out, and what becomes a montage.  Because I script write, how I novel write, I want to put in every single moment and detail weather it’s important or not.  I can tell you there are some pretty boring moments in my screenwriting.

This week’s goals are to continue journaling, re-implement AM writing after Cowboys departure on Tuesday, and finish Chapter 4. A wee bit of outlining if manageable, but not necessary.


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