Movie Review – Alice in Wonderland


Alice, an unpretentious and individual 19-year-old, is betrothed to a dunce of an English nobleman. At her engagement party, she escapes the crowd to consider whether to go through with the marriage and falls down a hole in the garden after spotting an unusual rabbit. Arriving in a strange and surreal place called “Underland,” she finds herself in a world that resembles the nightmares she had as a child, filled with talking animals, villainous queens and knights, and frumious bandersnatches. Alice realizes that she is there for a reason–to conquer the horrific Jabberwocky and restore the rightful queen to her throne.

Why did I watch this:

I went to go see this with my dad.  We do daddy daughter days at the movies.  Normally it’s something my mom won’t go and see and with Cowboy out of town, this kind of leaves me free to go see what I want.  My dad and I also have similar tastes in movies.


This being a Tim Burton movie, I was plenty prepared for the strange and obscure.  And lo and behold he does not disappoint.  Although I did find that this movie was marginally more streamlined to a happily ever after ending, but still quite good.

I absolutely loved the colors.  I loved the visual feast it provided.  The costumes were superb. I loved how it seemed that everyone in the red queen’s court was just paying her lip service, and that the majority of society was indeed working for the white queen.

I was thoroughly disappointed though when Alice pops back out of the rabbit hole and does her speech to each person.  This kind of story telling wrapping up, really makes me want to vomit.  It is to tidy and neat.  Perhaps it fit the bill with the whole classic fairy tale, but in general I find it a cheap Hollywood trick.  I like more realistic endings, even if it doesn’t end all perfect.

Final Thoughts:

That being said, I would still watch it again.  I was thoroughly entertained for the duration of the movie and despite its ending, I quite enjoyed the experience as a whole.

Rating: 7/10


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