Thursday – Writing Check In

Tonight is crit night at the UW.  We have changed our formatting to do two critiques every two weeks and bid on the slots in a six week rotation.  Tonight will be our first go with this new style, and I am looking forward to it.  I have read both pieces, but want to do one more read through today (on lunch) and then write my notes on them.   I have been thinking about what I want to say about both pieces and both are offering their own separate challenges for critiquing. 

I have started reading Sands again from Chapter one and getting myself back in love with this story.  I lost the momentum for it, but am now hoping to start picking it back up again.  I changed the protages age to be seventeen as opposed to eighteen to be more young adult orientated.  Unfortunately I am unsure if my voice for him is too mature.  He is supposed to be of the educated class, but to me he sounds perhaps a little too intelligent.   

My daily journal has been going well. I think I prefer to write in it at the end of the day, when I can record my pet peeves for the day.  It is helping me find a more grounded nature of not keeping all of that shit inside me and festering.  Unfortunately though it has taken on my darker nature that I normally keep safely sanctioned away under my sunny exterior.  I really want to move past the bitchy complany parts, but it really does seem that there is some sort of agitant every day that feels the need to open up a wound and poor some salt into it.  All I can really hope is that no one and I truly mean NO ONE ever reads it besides me.  This is my personal space where I can say exactly what I want to who I want without having to put up with the repercussions of abject honesty.

I have also tested out two separate methods of doing my journaling.  The first was to set a 10 minute timer.  I found myself writing against the clock and being sloppy.  The second was to write 3 pages.  I found I was getting about 2 ¾ with the timer, so a full three really lent me the space to round up things.  I like this much better.  I am not scrolling out of control, merely writing consistently for three pages.  It works best for me, but I strongly suggest that you try both methods before deciding what works well for you.  To each his own. 

Once I get Chapter four discombobulated, I want to start with the AM writing again.  Right now though, I feel like the little snippets of AM writing are not enough time to do the surgery that needs to be performed on this piece.  Therefore my AM writing schedule will commence on Monday.  I am desperately hoping that by the end of the day today Chapter four will resemble something civilized. And as a reward I am allowing myself the extra sleep and snoogy time with the dogs tomorrow morning.

For my AM writing routine, I will write as much as possible, whatever scenes come easiest to me.  In the evenings and on weekends I will attempt to weave them more closely together as a whole, as opposed to the choppy patchwork that they currently are. 

Q: What are your writing goals for the next week?? Either state them in the comments or post a link to your answer.

P.S. Our Monday Night Writer’s Pack group has switched to the Downtown public library.  If your interested I’m there every monday on my macbook with several NaNo stickers on the back of the Macbook.  This one is an open writing group and all are welcome to come on out.


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