It’s Monday, What are you Reading? & Other weekly updates

It’s Monday, What are you Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person’s Journey Through A World Of Books to discuss what we are reading this week, as well as books completed the previous week.

This past Week:

Continued reading: Kushiel’s Dart by: Jaqueline Carey

This Week:

Continue Finish: Kushiel’s Dart by: Jaqueline Carey


I have not gotten much reading done this past week at all.  I have been so incredibly busy, and it really doesn’t look like it is going to let up any time soon.  Busy in a good way, but busy in a tiring way too.

Approximately two years ago at this time I was renovating the house I am living in before I moved into it.  There was paint and tools everywhere and stuff piled in corners.  Strangely enough I am having some serious deja vou.  I am sprucing up a few rooms and repainting.  Once again paint everywhere things piled up and tools in odd places.  As it so happens, I was the overachiever bit off more than I could chew girl this weekend in regards to how much painting is actually possible.  I do however, believe that I can have everything cleaned up and back in its place on Wednesday evening.

My main room of focus is my home office.  It is painted this lovely aquamarine blue green reminds me of a tropical sea colour.  I am doing accents of reds and oranges throughout the room, and am very excited to get everything put back in and have it all pulled together.  The only sad part is I may have to give up my writing room in the next couple of months to help out a friend.  This upsets me slightly, but I have plans for taking over another part of the basement and making an impromptu writing hole if necessary.  I hope it is not necessary, but I have a plan if it comes to that.

All I can smell is paint right now.  It is up my nose and blowing and picking have not completely resolved the issue.  Also I am very impressed with Behrs pain and primer in one.  Also their bathroom paint is slick.  If you were to look closely at my finger nails you can tell what I have been up to, which makes me feel slightly like I am in a Sherlock Holmes scene.

So to sum up my week is has been crazy hectic busy.  It has been all a little overwhelming, but as I am nearing the finish line, I would definitely say manageable.  Cowboy is home in a week and a few days and I couldn’t be happier/more excited.  I start to drive me crazy after awhile as I let my perfectionism run loose and get cranky when things aren’t going my way.  Cowboy can balance that and I accept down time much easier with him around.

P.S. The network for e-mail was down all day at work, and I am took it as a blessing in disguise to get all caught up on composing letters.  All I will have to do when it is restored is send them out.  Hoozah!! And then deal with my 50 e-mails that await me on Monday mornings.  Booo!!!

P.P.S.  I have also be reading other blogs about the BEA… Sooooooooo jealous!!! Must plan trip for ARC’s next year.


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