Writing Check In: Workshops and how they inspire

So this weekend I went to my very first writer’s workshop.  I am no longer a writer’s workshop virgin, so sad to see one of my remaining virginities go.  But in a good way.  It was awesome!!!  Seriously.  It was on revising, and doing critics and it was so helpful.  It was way worth the money and time, and if Brian Henry were to come back and offer the exact same course I would do it all again, as I believe it is the type of course where you would get something different out of it each time. I tried to soak it all in, but there are parts of if I know I missed due to my own musings.  He would say something and it would resonate with me then I would get lost mulling it over .  By the time I got back to paying attention he was on something different, but related.  It’s not like I was completely lost, but I know he didn’t have my full attention 100% of the time.  I tried, but he said things I just wanted to reflect upon.

This past Thursday we did a writing prompt.  It was actually very specific, and I wasn’t sure of what to do with it at first.  But I went with it, and it kind of worked.  I never really perceived myself as one much in for the short stories, but it was slightly easier than anticipated.  Focus on one scene and deliver it.  Furthermore, at the writing workshop we did another writing prompt which I think I will also polish off into a something presentable. Neither of them are master pieces but it was good to explore something different.  Also nice to have something slightly finished.

As for my writing progress:

  • I have been journaling less
  • Sticking to my bloging schedule (except for last Thursday –I missed that day)
  • I wrote two short stories – that both need polishing
  • And I am still fiddling with Chapter 5
  • I have submitted Chapter four for review.

I was going to post pictures of the finished office space, but that will have to wait until Monday.  As I am not done yet.  But intend on being done by the end of the weekend.  Because I have to.


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