Movie Review: Gunless


A quiet and peaceful community in the Dominion of Canada is shaken up by the arrival of a wounded and stinky gun-toting American cowboy, simply known as The Montana Kid, wanted for the alleged killing of seven men. A subsequent clarification reveals that his real name is Sean Rafferty, and he admits to killing, not seven, but eleven men. Things only get worse after Sean gets in the bad books of the local militia, and with armed bounty hunters hot on his trail, challenges the local unarmed blacksmith, Jack Smith, to a duel – wild west style!

Why did I watch this Movie:

This movies was another great suggestion by Steph.  It is a canadian film, and it looked like a funny take on a wild west story.


Seriously, this movies was gold.  It was funny but not in the pretentious you must laugh because it is Hollywood making a joke kind of way.  I didn’t feel obligated to laugh, but I did because I wanted to.  It let you choose instead of forcing you too.

The love story was touching and relatively realistic.  I like that they both kind of had broken pasts.  He let it drive who he was, and she fought against hers.  It was a nice balance to see them come together.

Also all those clichés about Canadians were dealt with in a very amusing nature.  We help our neighbors and this guy just couldn’t grasp the Canadian good will.  Also our aversion to guns, and how they are used for hunting mainly.

The general store attendance were funny, and I appreciated their characters.  They were just bit rolls but they shined.  That was another great thing about this movie.  Every character present was well developed and had their roll.  Their were a few just background props, but for the most part they were all individuals instead of cardboard cut outs.

I especially liked the show down at the end was funny in its development.  How it was supposed to be a peace and because of one idiot who wasn’t even present it turned into bullet flying.

Actually I think my favorite part of the movie is just about any part where Paul Gross is wearing less than the normal amount of clothing. Seriously, he is hot, and I don’t care about his age.  I would so do that, you no of course if I weren’t practically a married woman.  Because I am not that type of woman.

Final Thoughts:

GO SEE IT!!! It was so worth it.  It was light when needed to be, and just touching enough that I didn’t need a box of Kleenex but felt connected with the characters.  Truly wonderful story telling.

Rating: 10/10 – exactly perfect for what it was and offered.


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