Review of the Sony e-reader – touch edition

Sony E-Reader Touch Edition

I figured now that I have gotten through a couple of novels on the Sony E-reader I should probably post an official review of it.

First off, I was a sworn book only in paper and ink kind of girl.  Also with all the huffle regarding e-readers I wanted to wait for both the price to drop and the market to settle.  But my darling sister bought me one, and I slowly if hesitantly have become a convert.

They say you can have your complete library at your fingertips.  I have a few complaints regarding this.  Right now the agency model is causing a lot of popular books to no longer be available in Canada.  Also, not all books are available in E-pub format.  So it is a wee bit frustrating for me when trying to obtain a book, if it is not available at all, or only available in the US.  But in having a variety of books available to you at all times, it does succeed.  I like that when I finish one book, I don’t have to worry about what book I will read next.  I will already have it on my reader and ready to go.

Also the DRM rights, leave me with clenched teeth. I feel that since I am both not receiving a hard copy of a book that I can do with as I please, I should not have to pay a similar fee for my books.  They should be cheaper.   The logic behind the pricing structure that is being implemented for the agency models, leaves me with raised eyebrows.  They are attempting to save bricks and mortar stores, by jabbing a knife into their e-sales and making those customers bleed.  I always thought that print books would have a future, and I still believe they will.  But e-books is a growing market and rather than try and strangle it to death, I would think that encouraging its growth would be a more realistic option for Publishers.

I also feel that because the publishers are saving money on the price of paper and shipping and handling and storage that the price of the e-book should be less.  I do understand that now they are incurring different costs in the formatting of an e-book, but it should not translate into a price point that is of similar to that of a print book.  Without that tangible quality to it, they should be less.

I see a great future for the e-book once publishers fully embrace the possibility and the future.  I don’t think that with the e-books that publishers will die out.  I think they are needed more than ever to strain out the worthy books, verses the trash.  I may not pay that close attention to what publisher I am buying my books from, but I can assure you I do pay attention that a publisher is behind the books I am buying.  I figure if the books makes it through the querying process all the way up the ranks to publishing and they have risked their investment on it, then it is of a quality that I can put my money behind.

I also see e-books as a great future for midlist authors.  Never having to worry about their book going out of print.  If I find an author I love I will hunt down all of their material.  It is always gravely disappointing to find out that some books are no longer in print.  With the ebook I can definitely see authors being able to keep all of their books alive. This will add more longevity to a writers career and also to the publishers as well.

I realize I have wondered a bit off topic from my e-reader. But these issues concerning e-publishing really do effect my relationship with my e-reader.

As per features of the e-reader.  The page flashes when you turn it to imprint the ink.  This was a wee bit annoying at first, but now that I am engaged and engrossed in a story, it no longer bothers me as much.  I am also finding myself not wasting time flipping forward and skimming the book to find out what happens next.  Instead I am just plowing through it.  This is allowing me much more enjoyment of the books I am reading as the suspense is maintained.

The Melissa Marr series, is formatted a bit off on the e-reader.  On small font I am still getting the split pages.  For example: page 212-213, 213, 213-214.  If you understand what I am trying to say.  This could be that the book is formatted for the larger e-reader then what I have.  I have gotten kind of used to it, but it is still a wee bit frustrating.

I like that they show you the page numbers at the bottom.  I like that I can go to my table of contents when I am in the middle of a book.  I would like it even more if it had a go back to bookmark feature too on that table of contents, in case I wanted to flip around in my book, instead of having to remember which page I was on and typing that in, but that is merely a minor inconvenience.  I like that I can highlight things, and make notes on it.  I like that I can look up words immediately on their dictionary.

I would also really like it if they updated the e-reader store/library on your computer so that you can make your own book collections and organize them how you wanted.  They have a section on the e-reader for collections, but the only way books will appear as a collection in that section is if you purchase them as a collection.  I want the ability to group my own and call it a collection.  Say I want to put all of my fantasy together, and have it in a neat little area that makes sense to me.

I see a world of possibilities with nothing but growth in the future.  This will certainly not be my last e-reader.  After the I-Pad has been released for awhile and the e-publishing market smoothes out a bit more and finds its feet, that might be my next reader device.  But for now I am quite pleased with the reading experience, if not the buying experience, I have had with the Sony e-reader.


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