It’s Monday, What are you Reading – and other randomness on the updates

It’s Monday, What are you Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person’s Journey Through A World Of Books to discuss what we are reading this week, as well as books completed the previous week.

This past Week:

Continued reading: Kushiel’s Dart by: Jaqueline Carey

This Week:

Continue Finish: Kushiel’s Dart by: Jaqueline Carey


As you can see I have been reading the same book for a month.  It’s not that the book isn’t compelling or a good read.  Quite the contrary.  It’s that it is so damned long I could have read 4 books in its place.  Also, I have been a little strapped for time lately.

Cowboy is back in town, and any of that lovely reading time I might have had before I went to bed no longer exist.  Cowboy likes to watch TV in the bedroom before he goes to bed.  And me like the distracted little kitty that I am, can not concentrate over whatever is blathering away to read.  So it has been me and sleep when I hit the bedroom. 

My life is starting to feel like one giant excuse.  Like I want to do this, but this is happening.  And I know they say that if you really want to make it work, whatever your goals are, you will find the time. However, with Cowboy in town the only thing I really want to find the time for is him.  Seriously.  I am like a greedy addict on chocolate cake.  I must eat every last morsel before they take the plate away. 

This lifestyle of him gone for 4 weeks and back for only 2 does not feel like a healthy balanced lifestyle.  It’s us separate and then us together, and it’s all extremes and feels a lot more like high school than I like.  I liked the balance we have achieved of sharing the same space before, and being together and also us being individuals.  Now it us as individuals for 4 weeks and us as a couple for 2, and it is far from that happy balance.  So I feel either really needy, or extremely alone, or very independent.  And I just keep taking it as one run at a time rather than trying to deal with it in the long term that this may last up to 3 years.  The benefits are there, but they just seam paltry compared to the emotional balance of the soul.  (so that was me totally moping).

Thursday – I promise (really this time) pictures of the new writing space.  I have yet to hole up in it, but I am looking forward to long hours of bonding once Cowboy has departed again.  Actually last Wednesday after I had just finished putting up the curtains, Cowboy called (as he had gone out for band practice) and asked me about the potential roommate situation.  Now I don’t know how much details I had divulged in regards to this in the past, but the basics are he has a friend who might need a place to stay. A friend who we had been offering the spare room in the basement to for the past two years, who has every time turned it down in favor of digging himself a deeper grave.  For all intents and purposes after all of the debacles and ups and downs, I had given up on him ever taking us up on the offer and so had moved on, and took it over and turned it into my sanctuary.  Needless to say the answer was unequivocally no, in regards to the room in the basement.  However, we have come up with an alternative arrangement if needed.  The alternative arrangement being that I am not budging on him getting my writing room, but that he may store his stuff in our basement and sleep on the bunk beds in the spare room.  I don’t know if this message has been conveyed.  Quite frankly I am not going to worry about it.   I personally don’t think he will like the new arrangement.  But you get what you get, considering.   If it weren’t for my love for Cowboy, dude wouldn’t even have any alternative offer.  So if he doesn’t like it, screw it. 

Now if we could just get consistent service at work in regards to our e-mail service, I think things might turn out okay. 

Also – look out for my Waiting on Wednesday post, as I will have a totally awesome contest for those of you into YA to go and check out.  I am not hosting this contest (just to be clear) but definitely promoting it, as it is FREAKING AWSOME!!!


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