Thursday – Writing update smothered in Pictures

So I have been promising this for some time and have consistently failed at delivering the goods.  Without further ado, I give you my new writing space (that I totally still need to test drive.. that I am totally thinking of doing that this weekend)…..

It went from this:

To this SEXY beast of SEXY goodness:

You think that was hot.  Take a look at this:

Yes my pavlovian dogs.  That is indeed a wall of corkboards.

Now I should mention this is an odd L shaped room so when you first walk in you see the fist picture – which is my desk and writing space.  And my coarkboard wall is ever present too.  If you look into the alcove of my coarkboard wall (to your right after you enter the room) you will see the following accruements:

Filling cabinets, bins of material, sewing machines, my pretty little rot iron mannequin, and my hat collection.  If you would do me a huge favor, I am missing a top hat, and a bowler hat for my collections.  I want real ones in real hat boxes.  None of those fake Halloween jobs.

And once you get in the door and turn to your left , you will see this:

Bookshelves.  Mostly writing related stuff.  Some hobyy stuff on their.  The fiction is kept upstairs in my living room.  I will at some point re-organize these to my liking and my writing how to collection will surely expand.  For now though, this works for me.

And if you turn all the way around and face the door in this last little odd shaped L room on the left hand side you will find this:

The star was a birthday present from my sister that I hadn’t found a home yet for.  And the piano was a Christmas present from Cowboy and Roo a few years ago.  I never get to play as much as I would like.  But there really is only so much time for so many hobies.  As you can see I have tried to find a space for all of them in one room.

I would also like to mention that I totally painted the room all by myself.  Made the curtains and mounted the curtain rods.  My mom helped with the mounting of the corkboards and white boards.

I am incredibly proud of this space and very excited to use it.  It’s a place were I can go and write and be.  Very sexy.  The color is bold and bright, and the accents too.  It is non of that ninny boring pastel colors that your parents make you choose from when you are a kid because it will make the room look brighter. Screw a bigger room.  I want a room I am happy to be in.  Colour matters.  Go bold.

Writing Goals for next week:

As mentioned this past Monday I am going to race myself to Cowboy’s return.  See who much writing I can acomplish with him out of town.  This should keep me thoroughly distracted, and less mopity.

However, this week will be a focus on getting new material out for Sands.  And fixing up old material.  I am hoping to get all edits done on old stuff, and hammer out one new Chapter by this time next week.  Hopefully 2 new Chapters.


3 thoughts on “Thursday – Writing update smothered in Pictures

  1. Nice color choice.

    With the hat collection right there are you ever tempted to wear one to get into a certain frame of mind?

    I have a top hat that puts me in a steampunk writing mood.

  2. Absolutely am I ever. I love me a good hat. Hats make the world a better place. Also I am missing a top hat from my collection. I am a wee bit jealous.

    Also, now that you mention it, I think I have just figured out the hat for this WIP.

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