It’s Monday, What are you Reading, and the usual updates

It’s Monday, What are you Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person’s Journey Through A World Of Books to discuss what we are reading this week, as well as books completed the previous week.

Last Week:

Work stuff more than anything.  Puttered with a few things, but no real progress.

This week:

Continue:  The Moor by: Laurie R. King
Continue: Fallen by: Lauren Kate
Continue: A Great and Terribly Beauty by: Libba Bray
Continue: Chapter after Chapter by: Heather Sellers


Week two with Cowboy gone is almost completely under my belt. I have to say I have the most awesome group of friends right now, who completely and utterly keep me sane with Cowboy gone.  I have my writers, who are all kinds of awesome; and my parents who are always concerned for me and call to check in and make sure everything is good; and my good friend Trevor who understands what kind of socializing I need and when and gets me out of the house when I need it.

This past week we did not have an official Thursday write in as it was Canada day.  Instead we went out to Sylvie’s camp.  We chilled, and swam, and chilled, and BBQ and chilled, and talked about writing and books, but mostly it was a great day of chilling.

I learned how to BBQ this weekend and plaid with power tools.  I also made myself homemade mac and cheese.  I have been all kinds of domestic and girl power this weekend.  I have a nice full fridge of options of food to eat and no one but the dogs to share it with.  I am sure they are thrilled at that, I can see them dreaming up the Kabobs I have in the fridge. I also changed the cylindrical device on my screen door as it was broken.  This experience was both frustrating and empowering.

Also, Chapters had this most awesome sale this week.  Buy 3 books and get the 4 free.  Needless to say I totally took advantage of it… twice. So worth it. Of course there are books I am don’t yet have on writing that I wish I did have, but I can add those to my treat menu of accomplishments.

As you can see I have a few more books on the go this week.  I admit that most of them I started on Sunday so did not include them in last weeks writing habits.  Mostly I have been brushing up on info for work on my reading time.  I need to be the top of my game in order to get my position full time, so I want to make sure I really understand EVERYTHING and can shine at my official interview (yet to be scheduled). Today though, I am granting myself a break.  Weekends are for me.

This week has been incredibly busy, but in a very positive way.  I like positive.  Positive and me get along famously.

Hoping all of you have a positive week ahead of you.


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