It’s Monday, What are you reading, and two new(old) Shinnies in my Basement.

It’s Monday, What are you Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person’s Journey Through A World Of Books to discuss what we are reading this week, as well as books completed the previous week.

Last Week:

Continue:  The Moor by: Laurie R. King
Continue: Fallen by: Lauren Kate
ContinueA Great and Terribly Beautyby: Libba Bray
Continue: Chapter after Chapter by:Heather Sellers

Also still a LOT of work reading material.

This week:

Continue:  The Moor by: Laurie R. King
Continue: Fallen by: Lauren Kate
ContinueA Great and Terribly Beautyby: Libba Bray
Continue: Chapter after Chapter by:Heather Sellers


I am 100% not a yard sale type person.  I do not go around on my Saturdays/Sundays and score yard sales.  I do not believe in buying other peoples unwanted junk.  Because lets face it, it is usually all old and tacky or well used to the point were it should not be used any longer.

So today when I started my morning our by taking the dogs for a walk I looked with my self righteous attitude down upon the junk as I passed by a yard sale.  What silly trinkets were they trying to get rid of and who would try to buy it.  Their was some art that fell in the old and tacky category, and their was a tandem bicycle that looked like it had scene way better days.  And just as I was about to walk completely by to the point of no return, I see at the very back an old fashioned sewing machine.  Now I have my two dogs with me who walk like retards on the best of days, but something about this begged me to come in and have a look.

Now, a key element to this story that you must know is that I adore old fashioned items.  I love period style clothing, I love old furniture with the solid wood and the carvings.  I love old architecture. Furthermore, you must also know that I sew.  Which was inspired by my desire to learn how to make period style costumes.  Combine my love of quality old and sewing, and you may have an idea of what I found.

An old fashioned treadle Singer sewing machine.  It called my name.  It shone in heavenly light (if your into that kind of thing.)  And right beside it was a second Singer sewing machine.  This one electric, but both in the old desks, both waiting to be rescued by me and my two retards.

“How much are they?”

I don’t think I even heard the price properly.  They said a number, and it came in so low under my radar of what I would have paid for them, I was all glossy eyes and in heaven.

“I will take them.  I will be back in less than 15 minutes with money and my car. “

I ran back to my house down the street, which was less than a minute away. Chucked the dogs inside, because at this point their walk was postponed until further notice.  Grabbed my purse and sped as fast as possible while still driving responsibly to the bank and pulled out money in the amount I might have paid for just one of them.

I went back and handed them the money.  And I got change back.  For two of them.  It cost me $55 for two Singer sewing machines in desks.  Refurbished, they can easily sell for double that or more.  EASILY.  I didn’t even bother to haggle.  If I had tried haggling I would have talked them up in price rather than two.  When I got my change, I cackled in my head over how much I felt I was ripping them off.

We heave hoed one into my car.  And I heave hoed it into my basement.  Knowing I would need help, I absconded my uncle from his daily walk.  We managed to get the second one into my basement, which was the electric one.  We plugged it in, and nothing.

Still I am NOT disappointed.  Because I know a guy who knows a guy who can fix it for me.  (okay so my dad knows a guy who can fix it, but still.  Connection right?) And if not, it is just too damned beautiful to give away.  The craftsmanship and the details of the sewing machine itself are inspiring enough to validate the purchase.  They are both very useful sturdily built tools, that are works of art.

Truly, that has been the highlight of my week.  (I also know a girl who is a professional seamstress who would fight me to the death for one of these, so I am refraining from telling her, even though I completely want to brag about it to her, because I know she would totally get the obsession.)

P.S. No pictures as Cowboy has the camera.

P.P.S. Interview next Monday for my job position.  Am hoping to kick but.  Reading will be a little staunchy until that is done, as mot of my energy will be focused on work reading.


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