A Monstrous Regiment of Women by: Laurie R King

Book: A Monstrous Regiment of Women
Author: Laurie R. King
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Picador
Date Published: Oct 2, 2007


It is 1921 and Mary Russell–Sherlock Holmes’s brilliant apprentice, now an Oxford graduate with a degree in theology–is on the verge of acquiring a sizable inheritance. Independent at last, with a passion for divinity and detective work, her most baffling mystery may now involve Holmes and the burgeoning of a deeper affection between herself and the retired detective. Russell’s attentions turn to the New Temple of God and its leader, Margery Childe, a charismatic suffragette and a mystic, whose draw on the young theology scholar is irresistible. But when four bluestockings from the Temple turn up dead shortly after changing their wills, could sins of a capital nature be afoot? Holmes and Russell investigate, as their partnership takes a surprising turn.

Why I Read this:

I listened to this book because it was the second book in the series.  Also because Jenny Sterlin’s voice is very soothing and addictive.


At the end of the first book we get the hint that what Marry Russell and Sherlock Holmes have while it may be an apprenticeship of sorts, has the potential to be more than that.  Has the potential for them to mean more to each other.  And while anyone who knows me, knows that I loves me a good love story.

Now this had the potential to be both creepy and weird, because the age difference is quite significant.  Except that they connect so well on a mental level.  Also in my mind he is old like Robert Downey Jr. Which means he is sexy old and completely F-able.

I liked how the author approached this portion of their story.  How the larger mystery plot was about women empowerment, but the subplot was about their lovestory and coming together.  How it is not about conquering but being a team.  I love how Sherlock was the one to bring it up in a way that totally pissed off Russell, but made her think about it in a way she would not have had he been nice about it.  It was perhaps a mean way of doing it, but an effective way.  A way of knowing that once she made the choice, she was unequivocally committed to that choice.

Both story lines were well handled and well addressed, and woven in the fabric of this tale quite nicely.  It was more than just a sequel, but a continuations of the path being travelled.  For it had the opportunity to go in another direction.  We were offered that possibility.  And I for one am happy about the direction it took.

Final Thoughts:

Now I know this book review doesn’t give you much in the way of what happens and what drives it, and who does what.  It isn’t supposed to.  It is meant to be my reflections on why this worked so well for me.  I don’t have all the words yet to tell you just how marvelous and fantastic and talented Laurie R King is.  But I can say that she handles her ideas with confidence and attention to detail, that make this series such a delight to read.

Rating: 9/10


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