Thursday – writing progress and goals

I have something special for you.  I have thought of a way to better present my Thursday writing check in.  If anyone hasn’t noticed, I like structure.  I like this to be there, and that to be over there.  I like writing at a specific time.  I like to do lists, and I especially like to cross things off of to do lists.

Therefore, when a friend of mine who is also a Mac user and Scrivener user (if you are a Mac user and a budding or experienced writer and do not own Scrivener, shame on you) had the double panes open and had one for writing and one for keeping track of how many words she wrote that day, I was a little perplexed but also intrigued.  Perplexed because I had an excel spreadsheet to keep track of that stuff.  Intrigued as it looked like she kept track of more than just her word count.  So I asked about it.  And it completely and utterly made sense.

First she too does the excel spreadsheet, but she has been more honest with herself than I have.  It doesn’t always get updated after a writing session.  Having to open it up separately and update it just isn’t always on the top of the list of things to do. The great thing about Scrivener is that you can have a lot going on and organize it to your liking, but unfortunately Excel like tracking is not one of them.  But she had found a way to keep track of her words even on lazy days, and then later, input them into that spreadsheet-tracking device.  Later when she had time.  Later when she had energy.

Second, she also kept track of what she wrote that day.  Finished this Chapter, started that one.  Worked on this character development.  This really worked for me, this doesn’t.  Fix this over here, tweak that.  Something you can’t do with your excel spreadsheet, is track the inspiration and moods.  Immediately I fell in love with the idea.  Date, word count, what I worked on, and other observations.

Needless to say I have implemented this for my writing now.  And it is sooooo easy.  I just open up the extra panel when I am done, and record my progress.  It is like a miny diary for my WIP.  Every day I work on it, I write a tiny entry about my progress.

Going forward, on Thursdays, I am going to post these entries for you. At the end of it, I will put up my goals for what I want to achieve next week.

Without further ado, your first new and improved installment of Thursday Writing Check in.


July 8 – THURSDAY WRITING MEETING!!! 154 new words.  Cleaned up the fight scene a bit in Chapter 6.  Writing meeting went well.  Keep Holly journals separate, and perhaps use them later as promo material if book ever gets published.

July 9 – 1530 words and some solid progress on Chapter 8.  Need to finish tomorrow.  Am considering turning this into a steam punk???  And a blood magic system for the tech a la Buffy inspired. We’ll see.

July 10 – 1378 words.  Finished Chapter 8. Started Chapter 9.  Left off right before a potentially disastrous situation.  That way I have a good place to start tomorrow. I am also really loving the evening writing sessions a LOT!!  And really love working in my own office downstairs.  This sets the mood.  This room I write in, like at this time I write.  I also have a candle I burn too.  Vanilla kind of. So extra added bonus of scent orientation to get me all focused.  Background noise = dehumidifier.

July 11 – 636 words in world building.  I want to do the second book in Holly’s perspective.  I know the society she will encounter and become a part of.  I am starting to understand my book better, but I think it will be a series rather than single volume. I know who Vonix is, and what the 12 grains of sand are.  Still need to figure out the central conflict and hash out all the key players. My cast is going to be huge.  Damn me for thinking in series rather than single volumes.

July 14 – back from a 2-3 day break from writing.  375 words for the day.  Plunking away slowly at chapter 9.


Finish editing Chapter 5 and let the tweaks from that resonate through the rest of the chapters.  Follow those threads until I get to chapter 9.  Finish Chapter 9 and 10 by next week.  Submit Chapters 6 and 7 for critic.  Make sure they are clean.  Updates the Chapter summaries to reflect that.


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