It’s Monday, What are you Reading… and why I did not blog last week (also need to explore more of Canada)

It’s Monday, What are you Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person’s Journey Through A World Of Books to discuss what we are reading this week, as well as books completed the previous week.

Last Week:

Returned (will eventually buy):  The Moor by: Laurie R. King
Finished: Fallen by: Lauren Kate
FinishingA Great and Terribly Beauty by: Libba Bray
Plodding away at: Chapter after Chapter by:Heather Sellers

This week:

Start and Finish:  Blue Bloods by: Melissa De La Cruz
Start and Finish: City of Bones by: Cassandra Claire
Start: The Luxe by: Anna Godbersen


Did I mention I got the job.  Because I totally got the job.  I was so excited last Monday about it I just about vibrated out of my seat.  I normally do all of my blog posts on Monday, and so because I couldn’t concentrate worth a tea cup, I didn’t do all of my blogs and so fell behind in the rest of the week.  Also Cowboy is so back in town.  Which delights me of course to no end.  Except I don’t have as much free time as I normally desire with him in town.

I think we will be going out of town for this weekend.  I actually like traveling a lot.  Especially with him.  We always manage to have a good time.  I am hoping that we go to Ottawa, but really anywhere would be a nice break for a change.

I feel a wee bit odd this summer, as the past two summers we have done MAJOR traveling.  Last summer we drove (did I mention we drove) from Ontario (about 4 hours north of Toronto) to Victoria BC.  It was long but totally worth it.  The summer before that we flew to Newfoundland for a friend’s wedding.  I feel like I need to go some place Canadian for a week in the summer.  Explore my backyard.  And I haven’t really been able to do that this summer yet.  So a weekend trip somewhere will hopefully be able to stifle the craving a bit.

Also I have 12 books out from the library and as of tonight I will have 10 left to read.  I need to read these all within the next three weeks.  Conveniently I did not give myself any writing goals for this week with Cowboy in town.  Instead I have given myself reading goals.  Also I just bought this kickass new chair from Pier One for my front porch.  So I can sit outside curled up reading a good book.  I am mighty pleased with myself right now. (That was also my gift to myself for successfully landing this job – hello!! I am so set for the rest of my life.  I mean I still totally want to write, and that will never change, but now I don’t have to worry about mortgage payments, I got stability to rely on.  I am in a department at our local college that 100% brings in the money.  And my position is so specialized there is very little chance I will get dislodged in a downsizing.)

And thus that has been my life.  I am happy and things are looking up.  And sure the new day job has its downs, like any day job will, but this one has a hole heck of a lot of ups.  And even the downs are kind of funny in their stupidity.  And the benefits are good, and really this is an amazing opportunity as I am gaining international experience and learning about various cultures, and so I am getting novel fodder from my day job.  If there was a way to wed the day job to the night writer ambitions, this job has that kind of potential.  I totally think that one ambition will feed the other in this kind of super vortex of personally fulfillment.


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