It’s Monday What are you Reading? And updates featuring my new addiction 750words

It’s Monday, What are you Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person’s Journey Through A World Of Books to discuss what we are reading this week, as well as books completed the previous week.

Last Week:

Finished: Blue Bloods by: Melissa De La Cruz
Finishing: City of Bones by: Cassandra Claire
Started: Jekel Loves Hyde by: Beth Fantasky
Plodding away at: Chapter after Chapter by:Heather Sellers

This week:

Finish:  Jekel Loves Hyde by: Beth Fantasky
Start and Finish: The Uglies by: Scott Westerfeld
Start: The hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins
Continue plodding away at: Chapter after Chapter by:Heather Sellers

Sorry guys for the hiatus.  Seams to happen rather too frequently now.  Give me a holiday on a Monday and it throws my complete blogging schedule off.

So I have been really delving into the teen fiction world, like hardcore.  Or so it feels.  There are some things that I am finding are rather large pet peeves of mine.  And I am finding that it kind of all stems around lack of character growth.  It is okay for a person to be self centered or a goody goody, but please by the end of the book show me some character growth, not just plot progression.

Also , really fun cool thing that you should totally add to your daily to do list if you are a writer: 750 words.  Seriously this is NaNoWriMo addictive. There is a points system and stats. And it’s something that my hardcopy paper journal definitely does not do.  I like it a whole lot, and I kind of find it nice to just blather away.  I used to do that when I was really frustrated, just open a word document and dump until I felt better and then delete it because I shared a comp and never wanted anyone to see me at my weakest.  But this, no big.  Just me and the words and I don’t have to worry about anyone ever seeing it besides me.  Pure genius.

I have been struggling a wee bit with the WIP.  It had grown into a rather clunky idea I didn’t really see it being when I first started out.  The more I try and problem solve it away from that area the more I know I need to go in that area.  It’s like I am trying to avoid conflict, but there will be conflict.  I am actually a little excited to get to that part.  I keep asking myself, why if this magic is so old and powerful does not the world know about it? Why is it all so hidden and secret like?  And a part of me goes, just get to that scene and you know you will find out and you will find your big bad and things will chug at a really awesome kind of rate.  But it’s like my personal propensity for avoiding conflict is getting in my way of dealing with it in my novels.  I like peace and calm, yet know that that does not make an interesting novel. I also know that if I let the dark happen, it is kind of exhilarating to write in the novel.  My absolutely favorite scene to write and favorite character in NaNo was perhaps the most messed up.  Yet it made me so proud of myself, and made me realize that I need to subjugate my characters to their weaknesses and let them drown a little so they learn how to swim.

On a personal note I bought a Papasane chair from Pier One and me and the dogs absolutely love it.  Now we have fit all three of us in the chair, but it is way more comfortable with one person and one dog.  So we have been rotating turns of who gets to sit on my lap.  This will be my primary summer reading hang out location and in the fall as long as it isn’t too cold. I am thinking a mug of tea and blanket will take care of that problem as well as the body heat of a snoogly woogly dog (yah I talk to them like a bunch of retarded babies – I am aloud to call them retards, because I do so with love and affection for their pure silly and stupid selves.)

Cowboy is back to work and we will begin week two of his departure.  The goal this time is to write 20K while he is gone and to get through all of the summer reading I have acquired from the library and a novel for our critic group.  Sounds like a large chunk of things to accomplish and it is.  But busy is good for getting through the loneliness, which is somehow getting easier, which is starting to worry me, but means also that I am getting stronger as an individual, which is good, but makes me wonder about my fate as a coupe, but we have always been two individuals, which I kind of think is healthy how we have learnt how to be together and yet our own at the same time, so I am going with this just being another healthy stage of our relationship.

Also I need to schedule in some time for going to the gym again.  I am thinking of hitting up Body Attack again this week (I did this about a year or so ago, and trust me it was a body attack).  I feel that it would be good for me to assess my physical fitness levels and were I need to improve.  All this sitting around reading and writing is making me feel like my arse is exploding, even though I know I am eating less in conjunction, but throwing some gym at my arse would make me feel better mentally.  Also I here that a good physical work out is good for the creative juices, and I am kind of craving that push you know.  So the gym bag goes in the car starting again tomorrow.

P.S.  Really grooving on The Veronicas right now.  Someone please remind me to download some music tonight (not at the library as their slow connection sucks the life out of my computer like a vampire chugging back Bella’s blood – yah that kind of addictive light speed of death).

P.P.S. I think our Monday writing group will become an official partnership with the library!!!!!!!! Just need to send off an email and we are moving forward with this!!! Hoozah!!!

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