It’s Monday What are you reading, and other updates (musically inclined)

It’s Monday, What are you Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person’s Journey Through A World Of Books to discuss what we are reading this week, as well as books completed the previous week.

This week:

Finished:  Jekel Loves Hyde by: Beth Fantasky
Started and Finished: The hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins
Started and Finished: Catching Fire by: Suzanne Collins
Started: The Luxe by: Anna Godbersen
Next Week:
Finish: The Luxe by: Anna Godbersen
Start and Finish: The Uglies by: Scott Westerfeld
Start: Boneshaker by: Cherie Priest


I started reading the Hunger Games last Wednesday evening (maybe technically Tuesday- picked it up, saw the voice was in first person present, and put it back down again, then picked it up on Wednesday, and decided to just rip the bandage off and get it over with).  I have flown through the first two books.  And kind of maybe feel like I should have waited till this Wednesday to pick them up because now I am all emoed out about having to wait for the third book.  On the bright side it’s not like I picked up the series last year and had to wait for an entire year.  I just have this one dismal week to get through.  And unfortunately I can see me driving everyone around me crazy while I wine and gush and complain and get exited all at the same time.  I have tried containing these feelings to my 750words account, but as you can see they are being dispersed a la word vomit to the other corners of my life, like my blog and my Twitter account.

So instead of my trying to give you a life update this week and all you will here is my pathetic obsessive nature about this book series, I am jumping on the bandwagon of the 7 things about music and me (idea borrowed from:

1)      I will obsessively listen to a CD or an artist on repeat.  (currently The Veronicas have won this honour  [I am Canadian, here my roar, and what I actually meant to say was I prefer the Canadian spelling of things, to the non Canadian spelling of things])

2)      I love finding a song on a CD that isn’t getting a lot of radio time, like the underdog of the CD, but has its own flavor and really rocks for me.  Then I feel like the song was just made for me.

3)      I love music with a Celtic feel to it.  Give me a fiddle, a bodharm drum,  and a sea chant and I am yours baby.

4)      I know how to play the piano, and clarinet, but I would positively love to learn how to play the fiddle.

5)      I have a thing for musicians.  Luckily Cowboy is a musician.  You should see his bass collection.  It is dead sexy.

6)      I have songs that evoke specific time periods in my life.  I am especially fond of finding that one song that defines a summer, so when I listen to it in the future, I go man that was the summer of 69 (okay that was cheesy, but that is how I feel about music).

7)      As much as I love music, I prefer to write in silence.


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