Writing update (which is the disguise for the author reading attended this week)

Not really posting one becuase I am slightly ashamed of my meager progress this past few weeks.  Let just say life and leave it at that.   if you can hack my 750words account though, their are most definately more words there to explain the delemas.

That being said I went to an awesome author reading and signing this past tuesday.  I bought one book by Robert Sawyer (Wake) and three books by Julie E Czerneda (Reap the Wind, Riders of the Storm, and Rift in the Sky – all the beginning of a series).  Julie is very very well I can’t find the word, but I like her a whole lot. Charismatic kind of touches on it but warm, and charming, and SMART and I loved her hair cut.  Also she signed and gave me the reading which of course I squeed for joy.

I know myself as a reader and since Julie’s was so awesome to listen to and so charming afterwards after I got the one book signed and her reading, I circled back and picked up the other two.  I got a hunch that I will absolutely love it, want to dive into the next book, be delayed in finding it, buy it eventually and then be disappointed that it too was not signed by the author.  This way I just totally avoided that horrible cycle and bought all three at once.  If I were really smart I would have picked up her other three which happen latter on in that same world.  But I had to draw the budget line somewhere.

I must however be perfectly honest with you and say that before Tuesday these authors were barely on my radar.  But where I live we get so few author things hapening that any is a great advantage.  Plus they are Canadian. And also it fits with my New Years resoltion for reading goals, to broaden my horizons.  And Science fiction has been kind of under the radar for me.  I am actually incredibly excited to start reading all of these books (so excited in fact I am returning my unread library books for them – that and to focus on a critic that is looming [not that I don’t want to do the critic, I just need to be more realistic with my time])

Anyways, their was food later at a local haunt and more author socializing.  It was a great night but I was totally exsausted the next day.  But soooo worth it.  So the moral is even if you don’t read an author, go to their signing.  Support locals.  And you might surprise yourself by how awesome of a time you have.

P.S. Robert Sawyer was great to listen to as well.  I actually got to sit across from him at food time.  I might have come off as a vapid ditz though, with all the smiling and the Buffy reference.  Also when someone asks me what I right, currently it is YA Fantasy, and so I feel like I am completely undermining them by being in their presence because what I am going for and what they are doing are on completely different plains.


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