A female Peter Pan?

I want to write a book that is a play on Peter Pan but with girls instead of lost boys.  I want to take the gender roles of the world and reverse them.  Have Captain Hook be a woman and misunderstood.  Take that world of tropes and turn it upside down.  I want it to be a truth to what girls are really like, and what our real fears are.  I want it to be playful too, and humorous in that dark way of seeing the truth for what it really is.

I know that I am unable to right that kind of story right now.  But I do not want to forget the type of story I longingly strive to write.

Focus will be my new mantra.  Focus on what I am doing now, whatever that may be and be there for that.

I will finish my current WIP.  And I will continue to have it reviewed chapter by chapter by my writing group.  However, I do realize that this book is training wheels.  And that I may still have several more training wheels books in me.  But that like anything I will need to go through this stage in order to get to that stage where I see myself painting the masterpieces.  I have them in my head, but not the tools to bring them to life or the skills yet.  Someday I will.  But today, I will get back on my bike with the training wheels and keep on peddling.


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