Guess whoS celebrating an early Christmas?

Cowboy the most awesome boyfriend/husband that he is has bought me an Ipad for christmas. Except I got this most awesome gift of awesomeness today. We went shopping on Tuesday for it and then it hung out in our kitchen taunting me until today when I asked if he was going to hide it or if I could have it early. I had kind of expressed how awesome it would be to have it for NaNoWriMo. Also one of the questions he asked when I had first mentioned this as Christmas present was what about your MacBook. See a few christmass ago he bought me my MacBook. And while I absolutely loves it it can be a a little cumbersome to transport all over the place. My logic was that this would be for upstairs at the house for reading blogs and twitter and for being portable and out of the house. The Mac would be in a more permanent hone in my office in the basement.

I’ll let you know how the plan works out. I can still see myself bringing the laptop upstairs and to write ins when I am really looking for output. I think what I like so much about this is the focus that it offers. Have I mentioned how weird typing is on this?

P.s. I bought cowboy his Christmas present this past weekend and hr has already been playing with it (a new bass guitar). So I’m not the only one celebrating early Christmas!


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