NaNoWriMo Day Zero

NaNoWriMo Day Zero:

This is the day before NaNoWriMo.  The one where I woke up at 5:00 am like a kid on Christmas morning asking if it was time to open the presents yet.  I forced myself back to sleep till 7:30 but then I woke up and Squeed and thumped my feet in bed and altogether completely overwhelmed my dogs.

So just like Christmas I left several things to the last minute.   I swear my subconscious totally does this on purpose in hopes of keeping me distracted by not being ready that I have something to occupy my time while I wait for the event in question.

As previously mentioned this year I am CO-ML of my region, along with Sylvie!!!  Last years kick off party had around 10 people.  This year Sylvie and I estimated around 20 or less.  We had a post up on the forums for signing up to the kick off, and it was doing pretty good.  I counted who said they were coming this past Monday, and we had around 15 or so, so I called and finalized the reservation for 20, and then people started RSVPing.  Total head count for todays kick off party = 32 people (including 3 non writers)!!!!

I am so freaking glad I went out and bought more supplies for the goodie bags.  And oh my do our goodie bags kick some serious ASS!!!!!!  We have a PDA – which has contact information, a word count calendar and stickers to mark off when you hit your goals, all of our events, a dice game, words of advice for writing, and a writer in progress tent card.  Also our PDA’s were printed on the back of Q cards, so if you needed to take some emergency noveling notes, TADA!!!  We had a D10, an OWL pin, a pen, and some Halloween treats too in our goody bags.  Our stickers from OLL have not come in yet, but no one really commented on the lack because of all of the other great loot.

Sylvie let me do all of the talking and I couldn’t have been happier.  Seriously, I love to be the centre of attention.  And as my name tag says “I don’t do subtle!!!” We did a few games and ordered food and completely and utterly overwhelmed the staff.  I had the most awesome time and can only hope that I remember everyone’s names!! (or at least learn them all by the end of the event)

Pics over hear at our Facebook group!!!  (I’m the one dressed up as a zombie killed by Twilight)


NaNoWriMo Kick off party 2010
NaNoWriMo Kick off party 2010


This years NaNoWriMo is going to rock some serious ASS!!  My goal is not only to write 50K but to finish my Novel in the Month of November.  I have a more focused story to work on with only one viewpoint.  I need a beginning, middle and ending.  I want to fall back in love with the art of writing and completely immerse and loose myself to my new world.  I know I have been lagging in the past couple of months with my writing, but this month is about coming back to my roots, the reason why this past year has rocked so much.  Because last years NaNoWriMo set up the foundation for this phenomenal year.  I am so awesomely proud and excited to be an ML this year.  I got so much out of NaNoWriMo last year that I want to pass that on, like good karma.   This is my event of the year, my magnum opus, my Christmas.  It’s what makes me sparkle and shine from the inside out.



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