NaNoWriMo Day 1

I did the midnight kick off and consequently felt like a Zombie at work.  Did the makeup from the costume where off?  Also strangely attracted to the idea of a zombie story even thought that is absolutely not what I have planned for NaNoWriMo this year.  I should also mention that previous to dressing up for a zombie for Halloween I have never been huge on the go zombie movement. So this is completely new territory for me and I am actually quite surprised on how much I want to stark stalking the interwebs for zombie things.  It’s like a virus that I have caught.  I think it might be the theatre geek in me who loved the making of the costume and the putting on of the makeup and the going out in public and having people appreciate the work that went into it.  Theatre geek, and virus.  Damned zombie virus.

But the cure to feeling like a zombie is a Tim Hortons.  I went through drive thought and spur of the moment decided to buy timbits.  Guess who loves tim bits.  My writers love timbits.  Note to self bring timbits every Monday!!

Fearless LEADER!!

Yes that’s me rocking out as our fearless leader, where I have set up camp!

So throughout the night we had about 14 people show up for our write in, except the room in only fire rated for 12 so the librarian kind of gave me heck afterwards.  But I promised that if it happened again we would send some of our quieter writers out to write in the research area tables.  She looked a little confused until she realized we were all working independently and not on a group project.  Why when I say 50K in one month do people not think we can rock this on our own?

P.S. forgot to mention but for the month of November all regular posting (snarf, like I’ve even been on the ball with that lately) will be suspended in support of NaNoWriMo.  And by in support of, I mean I will totally use this as a distraction and be posting daily blogs instead of racking up the word count.  Cheer me on while I try to juggle way to many balls.  On the bright side at least I am not juggling a chain saw or anything on fire!!!


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