NaNoWriMo Day 3

UW meeting at Little Montreal went really well.  I managed to get my word count for the day and then some.  Still feeling at odds with my story as I really really really want to put it into scrivener and have my way with it.  Desperately need to play in scrivener and pimp out my novel. Also I have this awesome function on my ipad where I can do mood boards. I really want to do a few mood boards for this project, because Steph has them for hers and I am incredibly jealous!!!

Also have Steph suggested two games that I download for the ipad: Angry birds and Plants VS. Zombies.  I watched her play Plants VS. Zombies and I can totally tell why she would recommend it.  Very addictive looking, and it kind of also scratches my new Zombie itch.  Yes I think the infection is still spreading.


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