NaNoWriMo Day 7

In wich Angry Birds has taken over my life.  Last year during NaNoWriMo the web comic Questionable Content was my fix between noveling.  This year, I have a feeling that Angry Birds is going to fill that void.  Also.  I’m stuck right now, so Angry Birds is in the corner thinking about what it has done while I get some NaNoWriMo related work out of the way.

Today was also my get caught up on my secretarial duties for NaNoWriMo day.  The brilliant point system I thought up and was all so proud of.  Yah well someone has to update that mofo.  And that someone is me.

Other cool things in random order:

1)    Sudbury NaNoWriMo group on the web in the Northern Life (well mostly me talking about NaNoWriMo – as I was the one on the phone doing he interview – but YAY promotion!!!)

2)    Sudbury NaNoWriMo group on CKLU.  That link will take you to their archives.  Once there select the show from Saturday, October 30th, and download or stream the section between 11:00 and 12:00 – I’m on around 11:17 and 50 seconds.  You can listen to me say um way to much, and laugh nervously.

3)    My writer’s space is not in the basement in the pretty home office I showed you all over in this post here.  Now instead it is at my dining room table and on my small couch in the living room where the power cord extends too.  Some habits just can’t be broken.  I am a comfort kind of girls, so If I’m going to be writing for long stretches of time the couch wins.

5)    I decided that cheese would be a good breakfast/lunch idea (note I did not say brunch because I started out eating it at breakfast time and it took me all the way till lunch to somewhat finish).  My dogs also decided that while I was distracted it was a good menu item too.  They are so lucky I love them as much as I do!!

6)    I have yet to write words on my novel today, but am very close to being at that point where I am ready to.  Hello pimping out scrivener.  What’s that? You miss me too.  I know sexy, soon enough it will be you and I and some candlelight and a glass of red wine.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo Day 7

  1. I am all caught up on your NaNoWriMo related posts now.

    Congrats on the promotion via Northern Life and CKLU.

    I am still waiting to take pics of my writing space.

    Okay back to the writing.

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