NaNoWriMo Day 8 (and a half)

So Monday was our regular Monday Night at the Downtown Library and this write in had significantly less people than last weeks right in.  Also I heard rumors about this giant math homework for a bunch of our student writers.

And me being the completely ditz that I can be some days totally forgot about the challenge that had been issued the week before.  If our group could collectively write 10K at one right in then a previous NaNo participant and our cheerleader would perform us a cheer.

With the slightly less numbers, we really weren’t sure if we were going to pull off the word count for the end of the write in.  Luckily a few more writers trickled in and we have video footage of Heidi’s cheer.  I would post that footage for you too, except today is not the day for me to loose more time figuring out how to upload to utube and then imbed it in a blog post.  (we’ll try that misadventure this weekend).

So instead I give you what I worked on this Tuesday (yes November 9 – I know my blog can time travel – crazy).

My New and improved Novel Synopsis that gives me hope that I might have a plot in there somewhere:

Beca is on her way to gramma’s house, equipped with her red hoodie and her ipad. In a wi-fi free environment Beca is coerced into filling out a survey at the library to describe herself in regards to baked goods all for the simple pleasure of access to the internet on their antiquated computers. And if that wasn’t weird enough everyone looks like they have horns and gills, and wings and funny colored skin, that is of course until she looks straight at them. Turns out the small town of <> is more than meets the eye, literally. Learning about her crazy history – the truth about Hansel and Gretel – and what the emotional properties of cinnamon and spice are, turns out to be a real headache. But life isn’t all tamed monsters by baked goods. The burnt cookies that cause restlessness have to go somewhere, but that hasn’t been in the trash from Beca’s close observation. Trying to enlist her new best friend Deena, the girl with wings like butterflies growing from her head, to help out with solving the mystery of the burnt cookies is proving to be almost next to impossible. But with the help of Dev , yah the cute boy with the annoying wit and disappearing tattoo, and his two stinky basset hounds, she might just find the answers she’s been looking for, and even some she might not have been. Everyone has demons in their closet, but Beca’s starting to learn the full extent of what that means. And maybe, just maybe pie isn’t the solution to all of life’s problems after all.


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