NaNoWriMo Day OMG I’m 10K behind

In an effort to avoid working on my novel I am going to post a blog post.  As you can see my original intent was to post daily.  Then week two hit.  Also I didn’t realize how much my life had changed since last year.  No really, I knew it had changed, I was happier and on the right track.  But part of that too was being busier.  And hubby is out of town which should in theory give me that much more time, but instead it’s just me avoiding cooking and trying to keep up on everything.

Also writing in a single POV is challenging.  Like I totally know what is going on in Grams head, and I’m starting to get my love interest  a lot more too.  Except I don’t think he’s willing to be the love interest.  I think he wants to dominate and that is something that my MC will not tolerate.  And then there is my MC – I don’t really know her.  Why she is the way she is.  What makes her tick.  I can’t figure out her tragic flaw and it is driving me mad. Everyone else I have motivation for but her, bland as Bella Swan.  And I’m stuck in my MC’s head.  I know that if I could just spend a few hours on the couch staring off into space mulling her over it would click.  But I really don’t have that kind of daydream time available.  I am way behind in my word count.  Instead she’s getting flashes of me from when I was younger, but they don’t really feel true to her because I don’t know her.

Last Saturday evening I literally spent four ours staring in to space working out the history of my novel.  Why some of my characters are the way they are.  I now completely know the back story of MC and love interests parents.  How they relate and tie to each other.  I know grams back story too.  And I’m staring to get lover boys (who is not anti lover boy).  But MC – why you so shy.  What are you hiding.  Do you not like the music I have picked out for you.  Would you better if I painted your hair green and your toenails purple.  Should I give you a punkesk feel.  Or are you really just that lost little girl who wants to find her place in the world but doesn’t really know how too.

Brilliant ML Idea I had in the middle of the month – Treasure Hunt.  It is now in full swing.  So if you are participating in NaNoWriMo, hop on over to the Sudbury NaNoWriMo forum and see if you can figure out the clues.  It’s all in prep of our final destination.  My co-Ml thinks that I made some of them way to challenging.  And they are.  The ones in the beginning are super incredibly hard.  But as the week goes on, they get easier.  And once you figure out one, it will be easy to get the rest.



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