Owlnighter/late night musings

Owlnighter!!! My throat is sore and we have found the couches. They are comfy and seriously making me consider a nap. But it would be one of those restless naps, not a good for me kind of nap. The kind that make you feel even more tired when I wake up rather than refreshed. The kind where you are always watching your back instead of giving in to sleep. So no nap. Fighting sleep. Which is fine. I’m good at this. But thoughts for coherent noveling are few and far between. I don’t understand how people write all night and feel insane inspiration. Right now, just feeling insane. So writing insane gramma scenes. It kind of fits with the mood I am. Dark. Missing Cowboy. Waiting for Tuesday. The graveyard was a huge success!!! And the box of doom, well is making people feel doomed. Sylvie put in some severely challenging word count goals for 15 minutes. The 30 minutes are more realistic, but even pushing myself to 1600 in 30 is hard, as its more of a marathon than a sprint. We have 4 hours left to go and so far, I think I might make 30K tonight. Then I am going to go home. Walk my dogs. Make the bed. Curl up all day and recover. That is the plan. And drink lots of fluids. Lots of fluids. LOTS!! And maybe a little dogger wogger snoogling. So my original goal of finishing this novel in November pretty much is not going to happen. Not at all. I’m not even sure about finishing this ever. I should. As I think it would be an easy finish. At the same time though, I’m not sure it’s worth it. It’s a fun idea, but I think might be better suited for MG, and I could go much funnier with it as opposed to teenage melodrama. Also, I am being bombarded with sparkly new ideas on a daily basis. My creative mind has been turned on and refuses to be shut down. My main reason though, not sure I want this to be the project I am first known for. When I do start persuing publication, I don’t think that this is the idea I want to chase that dream with. It’s not the type of book I want to be labeled by. So I want to find that book and write it and stop wasting my time on ideas that are not right. Except I know that I will only get better at writing with practice. I need to hit the end of something. I need to know I can do this. So cross roads. Finish this for practice and to know that I can do this. Or hope on over to the next idea? I think I am going to try and finish this. And then let it simmer. See if it is salvageable, or if it would be better written as MG. Next project I am contemplating. A bitter sweet loves story – possible librarian/researcher – love for books, and an ass guy who comes in and flips through some like he owns them. Or a Zombie christams storie – possibly about a child raised by Zombies. Or that books cyborgs idea. I think maybe one of the last two ideas as short stories to write in December/January.


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