Martini glass girl a la cosmopolitan

Cowboy has band practice tonight, and I was sitting at crossroads with what to do with an evening to myself.  I could clean the house, like the mad neat freak I used to be (have since learned to let go of some things), I could write (although I have just finished NaNoWriMo and a spectacular 15K day that kind of makes me want to rest for oh lets say an eternity), I could read (a good suggestion, truly), or I could pamper myself.

Guess what I chose?

A Glass of month old red wine (possibly older), a bubble bath (and by bubble bath I mean a bath in a green tub from the sixties that gets about 8 inches of hot water in it if you are lucky), a good book (and by good book I mean so far a very catching and engaging book), and candlelight (singular, as in one candle).

A couple of Christmas ago my sister gave me these bath bombs.   She might have mentioned some fizzy action too.  These things fizz, and since mine was pink, well I kind of felt like a girl in a pink cosmopolitan glass with my legs strategically hanging over the side of the bath tub so my boobs could be more submerged.

And despite the drawbacks and limitations the evening thus far has been glorious.  I mean sure there is room for improvement (a large claw footed bath tub with unlimited supply of how water, several hundred candles,  better wine, heated towels, a cheese plate, [yummmm cheese plate], more wine), but working with what I had, most satisfying.

What have you done to pamper yourself lately?


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