Why cleaning a house feels like Wonder Woman

I tried composing a blog post last night in regards to the joy of a clean house.  I seriously did.  And it didn’t work.  Then I was trying to compose it as I was going to sleep, and it was largely a list of things I got done and an attempt to validate why it took my 12+ hours to do this weekend.  Apparently I cannot express with as much enthusiasm as I feel towards a clean house. 

When I first moved out the apartment was cleaned approximately every two weeks.  It was around pay day so it would also be a laundry day, and I would mop and bleach the floors.  Then when we moved back I started a regular every week kind of clean regime.  And this lasted approximately until last NaNoWriMo – 2009.  Then I learnt that there are more important things in life and that I could live with a few fur balls.  I convinced myself of this nature.  Yet the more fur balls I tried to live with the more on edge I felt.  I would be at work itching to get home so I could clean something so I could have peace of mind. 

The feeling of satisfaction that I get after I have a clean house and everything is in its place is amazing.  I feel put back together again.  All of those loose frayed ends I was feeling feel restored.  I may not have read two books or written several thousand words, but my house is gloriously clean.  I then feel like I can conquer anything.  Like if I can clean my house and reach that goal, then I can most certainly do just about anything else with my time if I just put in the hard work and work for it.  Also now that my house is clean I no longer have to worry about that, so I can sit back and indulge and read and write, without feeling one once of guilt or nagging. 

It has something to do with my upbringing and making sure the chores are done before I can go out and play.  It’s the same for taking a sick day from work.  If I call in sick to work then I can’t go out in the evening.  So even if I am super sick but have evening plans, and know that if I just stayed at home I would be well enough to go out in the evening, I can’t bring myself to do it.  Not unless I am so sick I also won’t make my evening plans. 

Also, did I mention the feeling of walking into a house and smelling how clean it is and sleeping in clean sheets that smell wonderful, with two incredibly soft and snugly clean dogs.  Coming into the house and having a clean kitchen table and no dishes lying about to make me feel cluttered.  It’s like putting humpty dumpty back together again. I imagine that would be incredibly satisfying.

AND the reason it took me that long = I cleaned places you only really do once in a very very long time.  Underneath the bed, check.  Behind the movie stand, check.  Dusted the walls, check.  Vacuumed every inch of my couches, check.  Purged clothing, cheque.  Disassembled closet organizer and vacuumed carpet underneath, cheque.  All of those little out of the way places that are time consuming to get to and you don’t really pay that much attention to so just leave it and do more of a surface scan most cleans, well I got to all of those places.  I washed walls, I scrubbed couch cushions.  The only thing I didn’t do was vacuum the rafters in the basement for cobwebs, and now that I mention it I might just go and do that (JJ, that can wait until the spring cleaning). 

The fact is, it is completely exhausting time consuming work that I mostly avoid when I can, but when it’s done I feel absolutely amazing.  Kind of like Wonder Women.  Except a little tired and achy with lower back stiffness.  So exactly like Wonder Woman.


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