MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(not enough exlamation marks in the world to fully express my enthusiams over this holiday season)

I just skipped into my office do,do,doing christmas carols. The cleaning staff was a little suprised. I don’t often skip here, but I am a happy skipping type person.

Merry Christmas!!!!! Soo I am not terribly religious, which is really my nice way of saying I don’t believe but that I humor those around me and attend church functions for the family when requested. But I LOVE Christmas. LOVE IT!!! And some of you might be like, you can’t celebrate Christmas if you don’t believe in religion.

Here’s the deal. It’s not about religion. It’s about being with loved ones. Sure we gift it up hard core, but it’s about the appreciation for those in your life. It’s a celebration to get through the long cold dark nights of winter. It’s a celebration that the days are going to get longer and we’re going to get through this. It’s hope and love.

When I was a kid it was all about the gifts. Now though, I get what my parents got. It’s about watching people get them and their faces lighting up and making sure it’s the right gift.

I’m also really getting in to charities lately. Next year, in November my family is getting a letter. A very nicely crafted, comical letter, but a letter. It will be with my new Christmas plan and initiative. Donations. I want them to donate to the wicked awesome charities like Heifer international through Patrick Rothfuss’s fundraising drive (because A) you give to a good cause and B) you have the chance of winning super awesome prizes) and Project for awesome (same delio with the prizes), and Doctors without Borders (email the Yarn Harlot and occasionally there is a prize draw). Okay so my incentives might still be a little self centered, but I also like the feeling of community of donating with others and helping reach that larger goal. So, the plan is a book for each family member and a charity donation of their choice, and in turn they should reciprocate the sentiment. Book + charity. And book buying is like charity because authors so need support!!!

I hope you are all ROCKING the christmas spirit in whatever way pleases you most.

Me, I am going with outrageous cheer and enthusiasm, and skipping down the halls and coming up with Roo and Rosco versions of Christmas Carols!!!


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