New Years!!! Looking back and Looking forward!!

Cowboy and I started watching Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother last night (one of the most excellent Christmas presents I have received).

In the first episode of the 5th season it is about Robin and Barney defining their relationship.  Define the relationship, Lilly would shout through the door, because she locked them in until they would deal with it.

Anyways, instead of doing resolutions, or goals, or lists I thought I would define the relationship I would like to have with 2011.

I want more awesome!!!

Okay, but since I do love lists and making goals my relationship with 2011 will get a bit more specific, but only a bit.  (Also have I mentioned how I hate lists and goals too.  Yah.  A year long to do list gets a little daunting.  Especially because you can’t cross of things immediately, as it is a continual work in progress.    So you have to stick with it all year long.)

Looking back on last year, most of my goals were writing related, with a few unrealistic fitness goals.  I thought for sure I would be well on my way to publication this past year.  Several books written and edited and under my belt, an agent, and  submissions out there.  I had read up on the publishing industry a bit, so I knew about revising and knew about agents, but the actual process, not so much.

However, I would not consider this past year a fail.  On the contrary I have embarked on a voyage that will one day hopefully land me in publication.  I have taken the time to self educate.  Not intentionally, but looking back that is exactly what I have done this past year.  I have started following more agent blogs, publishing blogs, and author blogs.  Also tumblr (man is that addictive).  I have learnt a TON.

I have also joined a critic group, who is made of awesome and win.  I have started a Monday night open writing group that has survived and entire year (post nano 2009).  I helped run Script Frenzy, and was a Co-ML for NaNoWriMo this year.  I won both events.  I have met more people this past November who like writing, and I am insanely happy to call them friends.

While I may not have achieved my original writing goals what I have done is pretty damned awesome.  So instead of setting unrealistic quantifiable measurable goals, I am setting myself goals that are both fun and achievable.  Some I have left purposefully vague to allow for diversion in the plan.

Writing goals:

Finish writing a book.  Beginning, Middle and Ending.   Hopefully write several, but one, would be awesome!!

Write more consistently on my WIP in progress.  Daily preferably.

Blog – get back to regular bloging and figure out the direction I would like to go with my blog.  Current direction is okay, but well I just feel like I haven’t quit nailed it yet.  Will ponder more on how to do that.


I would like to read at least 52 books this year (yes, that is one book for week).  More though would be awesome!!

Participate in Goodreads.  I need a much better system of tracking the books I have read, and the ones I want to.


Find more balance.  (time for cleaning, dog walking, writing, gym going, family and friends, and video game playing, and reading & try to maintain more organization in my life)

Feel happy and confident with myself.  (this may or may not be related to going to the gym)

Walk the dogs MORE.  (because they like it and it is good for me)

Big Fun Scary thing that I would like to do!!

Start a Vlog.  Or at least learn how to upload a video to You tube and edit a video.  I thought a monthly vlog project would be a good way to go about doing that.  But I don’t need to start that till after my birthday, in March.

I don’t want to start my new year trying to do a complete home reno on my life.  Rather I would like to improve it one day at a time.  I know they say to set quantifiable goals, but I like having the freedom to deviate from the plan.   If I get one thing and one thing only to cross off of this list by the end of next year, it is that my this new year be more awesome than the year before.



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