2011 Debut author challenge

See that up there? Guess what I am participating? Guess?? I bet you’ll never get it.

 ***Laughs manically**

Yes, the 2011 Debut author challenge. First heard of over at Cover to Cover one of the book bloggers that I follow. Original challenge posted over at the Story Siren and a rather complete list of books to choose from over at Goodreads here: http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/6138.2011_Debut_Authors_Young_Adult_and_Middle_Grade_Lit_

Oh what’s that? I have joined Goodreads.

Hears cheering from the grandstands. Stands up and bows, waves at crowd.

Yup, Goodreads. I thought I could manage it all on my blog. I can’t. I needed Goodreads. (Next thing you know I’ll have a tumblr account or something strange. Evernote, I think is next on my list of trying our organizations applications.) Anyways,  I was up way too late the other night adding books to my goodreads account. I went and starred at my bookshelf and added most of the authors there. Some I didn’t add, if I read them great, if I don’t, that’s okay too. They are not imminent and therefore will only show up in my Goodreads account once I start reading them and complete them. They will not bog down my to be read file. Which is uber long. Who would have thought I was trying to mentally keep track of so many books. Man do I have a lot of reading to do this year. A LOT!!!

Anyways, back to the 2011 debut author challenge. Seriously, how awesome is that list.  I have found 12 books I want to read for the challege, however I also want to make sure it’s one new book a month, so I might have to go back through that list and plan a bit more carefullly. I already have 2 on order from Amazon, Across the Universe, and XVI. Soooooooo excited to get my hands on those.

If you are looking for a great list of YA authors to check out this year, please head on over and cheque out the challenge. It’s a great way to support budding authors and jump start their career. Also an inside scoop on where the market is.

I am so freaking excited for this year of awesome, It is going to be legend……wait for it…. wait for it…….dary!!!!!!

Later Gaters & Happy reading!!!

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