It’s Monday What are you Reading – The Return!

It’s Monday, What are you Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person’s Journey Through A World Of Books to discuss what we are reading this week, as well as books completed the previous week.

Since Last time (what I can remember):

Finished: Before I fall by: Lauren Oliver

Read: The Princess Diaries by: Meg Cabot

Read: Princess in the Spotlight by: Meg Cabot

Read: Across the Universe By: Beth Revis

Read: Lock and Key by: Sarah Dessen

Read: Bloom by: Elizabeth Scott

Up Next on the menu:

Reading: Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging by: Louise Rennison

Start (and hopefully finish): Princess in Love by: Meg Cabot

Start (and hopefully finish): Princess in Waiting by: Meg Cabot


I’m not going to get overly ambitions here and list all the books on my bedside table because honestly I won’t read them all in the next week.  But if i can get through all of the YA then I am going on a sci-fi/fantasy kick next. Or not.  I might just have to keep re-reading the princess diaries until I am done writing the first draft of my novel.  I really LOVE Mia’s voice in it, and I want to capture something very similar to that.  Teenage mello drama, but funny and light.

Anyways, Cowboy is also back at work after his long christimas break, and I am torn between yay a weekend for myself, and boo, where are you to ground me.  Because if you leave me to my own devices for too long, well things can get a little different to say the least.  Like listening to Taylor Swift on repeat seams like a really really really good idea.

It’s the having to sleep by myself and actually motivate myself to go the gym thing that sucks possibly the most.  Also not having his company, he is wicked awesome company.  Quirky sense of humor, and a musician, which is totally sexy!!  But the gym thing.  GAH!!!  I need him to MAKE me go.  Who the hell wants to go and torture themselves on their own.  But when you have somoene else there, well it’s like I am just doing the treadmill to pass the time while you are working out, hun.  I trick myself into it.  But go on my own.  Damn.  I should stand in my underwear in front of the meer for at leeast 20 minutes a day.  That will cure me of my avoidance.  Completely.

Still trying to figure out this whole new year blogging thing, but I am thinking if I can get them all set up to go on Sunday night for the week, I am golden!!  I used to do it on Mondays at the library, but I think I am actually going to work on my novel then!! GASP!!!  No don’t faint.  Yes, actually work on real writing.  The whole reason I formed the Monday group to start with.  I will be a better leader, I will.   Next to update the facebook page.  Shudders.  HATES facebook.

Later Gaters.

Oh. P.S.  If you love Meg Cabots Priness Diaries, what else would you recomend that is just as much FUN!!!

P.P.S.  Yes I am falling in love with capitalizing random complete words as well as my love affair with exclamation marks.  I told you things get weird when Cowboy is gone and I am left to my own devices. There is no one to stop me from having complete meals of cheese, begets and wine.  MMMMMMMM…. every writers dream!!



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