Writing a Love List for your WIP!!!

My RSS feed is a bit bloated by awesome right now, and one of those things of awesome is Natalie Whiple, a yet unpublished writer/blogger, and all around pretty nice person (she likes ninjas, and while that seams to be in complete opposition with my love of pirates, I still think she is pretty cool), who hosts Happy Writers Society, every Friday.  And one of her more recent guests (and author of the most AWESOME book ever, ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS) Stephanie Perkins, wrote about making a love list of your book.  Yes please go read the article. Welcome back!! Thank you!

So yes, I thought this would be a good use of my time to do something similar for my current WIP.  And look what I have come up with.

Things I love about THE PROJECT OF AWESOME (yes that is the current working title for my new BOOK… ummmm.. WIP):

  • Little sister with a lisp
  • Little sister who loves pirates
  • Younger brother (I need him to have a stronger personality, or he gets cut)
  • Screen writing – Abigail MC is into it!
  • Father is a rock and roller at heart
  • Mom is a knitting nerd
  • Learning to love your family again, instead of pulling away like a teenager
  • Possible gay best friend
  • Moved to Newfoundland
  • Love interest (need to figure this guy out more too, but is in a band and wears plaid shirts and plays guitar and fiddle, but WHO is he?)
  • They have a Great Dane for a dog.  Her name is Queeny.  She has the stinkiest farts EVER!

Also I am listening to Taylor Swift of repeat and I think this is perfect background music for this project.  No arguments!

Okay, now your turn.  Write your own love list and post it in the comments, or link to it on your blog!


4 thoughts on “Writing a Love List for your WIP!!!

  1. Hey guys!!!!! I love you!!!! I also love having comments.

    Steph – the sight. No real pointers. Found a template I liked, and had the pic up at the top bookmarked and used it. When I first opened up wordpress I was looking for a template exactly like this, but couldn’t find one. I love the three colums at the bootm and the style of it.

    Heidi – you should totally do a love list for Remedy. I would love to see what that looks like.

    I also find the lovelist gives an insight into the book, like the bare bones of it.

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