Weird social ticks

Good Day ladies and gents!!!!!

So as some of you may have noticed I skipped Monday.  Le Sigh.  You may have also noticed I skipped last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in blogging.

The deal.

HUGE upheaval in the day job.  I still have a job, but my department is being thoroughly rethought and redeveloped and my previous boss is no longer with us.  So um, I kind of don’t have a safety net and this is really scary.  Some people may be excited at the idea of moving forward and being part of the team that will create this new future.  Me, I am absolutely terrified because I don’t want to stick my foot in my mouth and muck it up.  I want to be accommodating and responsible.

What this means is that I have been doing my Ostrich head in the sand thing until I feel confident to emerge.  Pretty much avoiding reality.  But since I still need to go to my day job and pretend that I am confident until I actually feel that way, I have been doing the avoiding reality thing in the evenings and on my own time.


I have watched two seasons of Veronica Mars and started on the third season within a week.  Thank you Kiersten White for recommending this series.  It is all kinds of crazy awesome.  But when you recommend this to me (and by me, I mean mention it on your blog) right before a crisis sets in, when that crisis does hit I let my compulsive obsessive get out of control.  I also allow myself to hermit to my hearts delight.  These are things that I try to keep in check myself, but when shit hits the fan, out come the crazy flags.  (Don’t even get me started on my sleep patterns and food habits.)

These are primarily results of my introverted nature.  I like to spend time alone.  I feel recharged after spending time alone.   I am not an extravert.  I fake being an extravert.  If I appear all cool and confident and crazy outgoing around people, its because I have prepared myself to be that person and spend that energy being that person.

Anyways, this is my apology, but I hope you understand.  I have weird ticks that I am aware of that I work hard towards controlling.  But when things get out of control, I tend to withdraw until I feel comfortable sticking my head back out of my shell again.  This is my head coming back out.  Please don’t throw anything new and crazy my way.  I still need more time before my feet come out and I am waddling along the sand again.  In the mean time I will continue to fake it as confidently as possible.

Does anyone else have weird social ticks?



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