On Writing: The appeal of scheduling your Balloons

The appeal of Balloons has recently received a face lift (and by recent I mean in the past couple of years) with the release of UP!  This has nothing to do with writing, but I needed to mention it.  The fact is balloons kind of lost their appeal to me a long time ago.  And to be quite frank I was always kind of mystified at their appeal.  They were fascinating to an extent but mostly just air inside of a plastic thing.  Although I did learn about static electricity with the whole rub your hair with a balloon and stick it to the wall thing.  But UP made it so freaking adorable and possible to love them. 

End random rant!

Okay so moving on. 

In order to write a weekly feature about writing it would help if I were doing some actual writing.  Well good news folks I am doing some actual writing.  I started off a few weeks ago with a short story pertaining to Never Land, Wendy, Hook, and Peter Pan and gave it a twist.  Thing still needs work and a way better ending.  But alas writing.  And it was sooooooo fun.  If I could just nail an ending then I might actually lose my fear of short stories.

Project the second, I just got another short story prompt from my writing group so I am going to try and work on that this weekend.  Steampunk-esk, so I’m going to do some boyscouting on the interwebs for some ideas to flesh this out.  Or not.  Just go at it cold and see where I go.  I want to break something though.  Like the sun. Something big in it.  We’ll see. 

And The Project of Awesome!  Which I went and found a town to situate it in, and now that I have that, I am going to not situate it there and make up my own town on the coast of Newfoundland so I can do whatever I want to it without having to worry about accuracy. Also if I decide I want sparkly vampire there, that is my prerogative, although really while sparkles are okay, blood sucking fiends are kind of passé.   

And this leaves me down to the point I originally wanted to make: scheduling your writing time.  I love to do lists.  However, I had foregone them for awhile because I didn’t like the weightyness of them.  But trying to remember everything was taking up needless brainspace, so I went back to writing things down and moving on.  One of the things that always appears on my to do list is writing.  But I normally leave that to the end, like a reward or a cookie.   You know, I can’t do my writing (the fun thing) until the house is clean or whatever else is before that.  As you might have guessed by the time I get to the writing part of the day, I am exhausted and just want a brainless activity and therefore shuffle it off for tomorrow.  Another day.  At this pace I will not get anything done. 

So I woke up Wednesday morning early, which I should make that earlier still, to get some writing done.  It was awesome.  I only got about 150 words, but now I have a scene spinning in my head that I am more motivated to get back to in the evening, instead of the thought of the dreaded blank page in front of me.

Therefore If I schedule myself to get up early to get at least some words on the page I am more likely to continue writing in the evening.  A schedule is nice. 

The fact is if I want to do this professionally some day, I am going to need to implement a little bit more discipline in the ass in the seat area and fingers on the keyboard.  Words don’t just magically sprout into the manuscript without the time and effort.  Although wouldn’t that be cool to have a magic word fairy, mind you with my luck, it would be a lot of random nonsense and interesting cuss words. 

So to conclude:

  • Balloons = cute
  • Short stories = possible
  • Make up your own town = the right to do what you want (including sparkles and vampires)
  • But you know, that ships sailed so no on the vampires at least, sparkles questionable.
  • Schedule your writing time = getting up early
  • I must remind myself that getting up early is for a good cause
  • Did I mention that I am not a huge fan of early
  • Perhaps the bribe of writing will make it easier to accomplish the early
  • This list has lost all meaning
  • GO WRITE!!!
  • P.S. don’t  you love the blog title today?  Kind of ridiculous, I know, but vastly amusing to me!

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