Writer’s Classified

Natalie Whipple did a writer’s classified on her blog about a month or so ago.  I thought it would be a great way to meet writers online so I signed up.  Silly me and not managing my time very well, is just getting to go through the site right now.

However, someone has already found me!  I have been corresponding with this lovely girl/women/person from Germany!!!  We haven’t shared any of our writing yet, but the getting to know you bit has been going fantastic.  I am really really enjoying the experience.

I do have a local writing group that I participate in, however for those of you who don’t have that luxury I would strongly recommend checking them out!!



3 thoughts on “Writer’s Classified

  1. Hey, that’s me. Thats me! 😀
    There’s a very wide smile on my lips right now^^ I’m enjoying the Mails, too. So much. And I hate not being able to check my account more often. :-/

    I send you the best of luck to find many many amazing people to talk to via Natalie’s blog.
    As for all the others who’ve never heard of Natalie’s crit-partners classified: Go, check it out. There are great writers dying to meet you!

  2. SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!! Love that you read my blog!!! you are made of awesome and win!!! (and I of exclamation marks apparently!) You should blog. Then I could follow you!! And it would be this circle of awesome. (maybe only in my mind, but still…)

    Like we’re now both saying!!! GO to Natalie’s blog post and find yourself someone awesome to correspond with! Also read Natalie’s blog. I 3> her!

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