Bloom by: Elizabeth Scott

Book: Bloom
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary


Why I read this book:

I was on the hunt to expand my YA contemporary horizons and try to find more titles that would make me fall in love with the genre.  Unfortunately this was not one of them for me anyways.


This is the story of a girl who for all intents and purposes has the perfect boyfriend, but wants out.  At least perfect from everyone else’s perspective.  But from her own, I can see why she wants out.  She doesn’t feel anything when she is with him, and all attempts to get closer are pushed away.

I never had a super religious boyfriend however I can honestly say that if I where in her situation it would have ended quite quickly.  Because I would have been the jackass who would have laughed at the guys perspective for not getting too intimate and waiting till marriage.  No really I would have.  I am NOT religious.  So the marriage thing, might have been viewed as romantic, but as a teenager with raging hormones, that would have also stifled a relationship, as it did in this book.

Also when Evan comes into the picture I think I would have liked a little bit more of the falling in love part instead of the instant passionate attraction.  Okay so it was HOT!!  But I just didn’t feel the build and pull of it.  They do have a shared past, but honestly, that isn’t the same as falling in love NOW!

Furthermore, the parental relationship was strained.  And I can understand why.  The silence that falls between people when you try not to press each other’s buttons and talk about those sore spots can be a deep and dark place to bridge.  But sometimes they need to be addressed in order to heal and have a healthier relationship.  Near the end the book this is kind of addressed, but it feels a lot more rushed, and without any of the aftermath to be able to judge how things turned out.

The ending was abrupt.  I think a few extra chapters to view the healing aftermath of the resolved situations would have been beneficial.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this book had some good points and some bad points, but as with most contemporary books, for me, this was just a miss.

Rating: 6/10


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