Social Media = your friend

So the number one piece of advice I would give aspiring writers, besides write, is be aware.   But also have fun!!!  Don’t forget the fun part.  Be aware of the market and what is happening in it.  Be aware of agents, and publishing blogs. Be aware of your favorite authors blogs.  Follow social media of the market you are interested in and soon enough it will be like the information came to you through osmosis.   But do it one step at a time.  And have fun

Don’t try to do a weekend study cram and learn about the market.  Start following blogs and keep up on them on a regular basis.  Follow ones that inspire you, and ones that make you think, and ones that just make you smile.  Follow blogs that might not have to do with publishing, but have great voice and tell great stories.   Soon who you follow will grow and change and evolve and you’ll have a custom made list to where you are in life.

If you take a look at my RSS feed, you’ll see authors such as: Gayle Foreman, Stepaenie Perkins, Natalie Whipple, Kiersten White, Carrie Haris, Laini Taylor, Beth Revis, Maureen Johnson, Meg Cabot, Patrick Rothfuss, Yarn Harlot.  All of whom I also follow on twitter (if they have twitter).   All of whom (well most of whom) I just found throughout this past year.  All of whom are made of awesome and wicked and each have their own uniqueness.  Great topics, great voice, and most of all great humor.

I follow great publishing/agent blogs too:  Query Shark, Pimp my Novel, Pub Rants, Rachelle Gardner, Nathan Bransford, Bookends, YA Highway.  So this list a bit shorter, but the information packs a punch.  Informative, and concise.  And most of all, interesting.

Start now.  Be aware.  Have fun.  Social media = your friend!!


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