Monday Updates! And what I found at the coffee shop!

On Friday I decided what I absolutely 100% must have this weekend was a café late (the thick freshly ground coffee with the steamed milk on top).  And really the only place I know where to get this is at Starbucks (okay I know someplace else, but you can not browse awesome books at the same time, so this other place was quickly cut off of my list of places to visit).   Secretly thought, this was a mission to go and take the edge off.  I haven’t been reading much lately and was starting to feel it seeping into my behaviour.  And while I do have a very impressive bookshelf with many a thing unread on it, I felt the best way to take care of this funk was an outing, not an inning.

So with a date with coffee and books, I set out on Saturday to run some errands (frig I still need to go to the dollar store – please someone remind me of this fact!!)  You could imagine my absolute delight then, when I wonder into the YA section to discover a SALE!!  Not only where all YA books 20% off, no, they also had a sale table of some really awesome choices.  Add to that, that I had a membership card that gets me an additional 10% off and I walked out of their with a reusable bag, and 6 books for under $40.00.  It was awesome.   It is like they new I was coming, and this was going on just for me.  Confetti was thrown and balloons where being handed out.  Okay this was only happening in my mind, but let me tell you it was a pretty stellar party in my honour.

And for you’re viewing pleasure I have taken pictures of my steels.  Now admittedly I did, buy 2 of them on the not on sale table, so I did only get the percentage off, not the additional sales cut off.  But all things considering, I totally think it was absolutely worth it!!!

(I tried to get both dogs in the same picture but it didn’t work out, so enjoy!!)

From bottom to top we have:

  • Rampant by: Diana Peterfreund (I have been thinking about killer unicorns for the past couple of days and had remember about this book, but couldn’t remember specifically THE book, but was hugely relieved to find it on the sale table)
  • The Girl With the Mermaid Hair by: Delia Ephron (who recently passed away… )
  • An abundance of Katherines by: John Green (I already have this on my e-reader, have not read it yet, but the cover was just so darned spectacular it needed to come home with me, plus it was on the sale table)
  • Heist Society by: Ally Carter (which I just read all in one sitting on Sunday.  It was made of awesome and win!!! Also terrific voice!!)
  • Liar by: Justine Larbalestier
  • Scarlett Fever by: Marueen Johnson (which I am only now finding out is book two instead of what I had hopped to be book one! DAMN DAMN AND DOUBLE DAMN!  I wish bookstores would just carry complete series rather than have holes, like this.  Frig.  Must to go amazon and right this wrong immediately.)

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