Write in the Moment

Write in the moment.  This is what I have most recently learnt in writing short stories.  Do not be afraid to get sucked in and write in the moment.   Don’t write to get yourself to another place, to another scene.  That will suck.  It will sound rushed and forced.  Instead be exactly where you are.  Write as though this is your last scene and you’re seeing every detail and feeling every emotion.  Make that be what makes contact with the page.  Be present.

When trying to write my novel, I found myself writing for the next bit.  For the future.  Leaving stuff out so I can use it later.  Holding on, instead of letting go.  I wasn’t present in the scene because I was worrying about the next 50K in front of me.  Having written a few short stories to completion now (not many, so this in no way makes me a pro) I have learnt to be more present.  It’s a silly thing to let your fear of all those words ahead of you, keep you from diving in head first to now.  In writing a short story I didn’t have to worry about holding onto information for later.  I had to get it on the page now and make everything punch now.  And seeing myself do that made me realize completely what my longer novel like projects where missing.


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