Princess in Waiting by: Meg Cabot

Book: Princess in Waiting
Author: Meg Cabot
Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary


Mia and Michael are finally an item, but Grandmere seems to have other plans. Just before the happy couple’s first hot date, an unmissable royal engagement turns up. Could it be that Michael doesn’t measure up and that (please not!) Grandmere’s got someone else in mind for Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo?

Why I read this book:

Yah, I am binging on the Princess Diaries, like a fat kid on ice cream.  Deal with it!!


So we finally get to go and see Genovia for the first time, and Mia gets stuck in meeting day in and day out.  Also due to them living practically in the stone ages technological wise, she does not have regular access to the internets and therefore while in Genovia her love life is forced to take a toll.  All she really wants is to get back and see Michael but instead is forced to be politically correct and spend her winter break doing politically correct things.

I loved the daily schedules and commentary from Mia when in Genovia. When she was tired or emotionally upset, this totally coloured how she wrote about her day.  Brilliant.  I love that we get a feel for the character in the way that she herself writes about her own world.  However, near the end of her stay in Genovia there were several moments when I wasn’t sure why she did not just leave and demand to go home.  She is much better suited to this princess thing than I ever would be.

A significant portion of the books conflict is also spent on the OMG we are dating but does he really LOVE me or is it like an I love my dog kind of love.  Because he has to be IN love with me.  Grandmere also complicates the matter by getting her to read Jane Eyre, encouraging Mia to play hard to get.  Grandmere also has her own agenda.  After she helped Mia get Michael in the last book, she is now solidly working against her retaining him and is consequently shoving some other royal in Mia’s path in hopes of them hooking up.  Thank you Mia for not taking the bait and seeing the douche bag for the douche bag he is.  Because it would have been tragic for her to have fallen for Grandmere’s evil plotting.

Conflict the second – what is my talent?  Mia wants to know why she is in Gifted and Talented class when for all she can tell she is very on the non gifted side.  She self actualizes in the end what we suspect all along, but it is great getting there.

What I love that Meg has done is really made this as real as possible for a girl her age.  Her diary is full of to do lists, and homework and other things that would be kept on the available pieces of paper at hand.  IT is definitely not too polished and keeps a good free flowing voice and stream of conscious for Mia.  It has structure but it definitely sounds like is it from the perspective of a 14 year old girl.  Extra added bonus, totally laughed out load again in several places.

Final Thoughts:

I am now a die hard Meg Cabot fan.  She knows how to do fun. And I like fun in my books.  If you don’t mind going back to those awkward boy crushing days, and can live with a little social mortification (because really it does work out happily ever after), then please pick up these books.  They are really well done and funny to boot.

Rating: 8/10


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