Script frenzy – 2011

As you can see from the pretty graphic on the side I am once again participating in Script Frenzy.  This year I am official ML-ing it up.  And with the added bonus of doing the ML thing without a co-ML.   That being said, I totally took a weekend off and had the most excellent Aura, cover for me for the Saturday write in.

The thing is with scripting is that it is not novel writing. And one should theoretically follow either a lot of movies, or TV or Comic books, or whatever medium they intend on writing in before they start writing.

What you need to know about me is that I follow books.  The kinds with Chapters and character arcs.  I don’t watch movies or even TV shows unless Cowboy is around, or I am doing some serious mad avoidance skills of the world.  Or it’s Saturday night and Aura and I are hanging out with a bottle of wine and Doctor Who.

Okay so I may have some pre-qualifications to this scripting thing, but mostly I would say I am vastly under qualified.  So it should come as no shock or surprise that I am way, way, way behind.  And that instead of using my time off from the ‘great breast incident of doom’ to get caught up, I am instead doing my other most favourite hobby of life avoidance skills.  Reading.  Lots.

The goal however is by the end of the weekend to be all caught up.  And I do actually believe I can do this and more.  I just need to find my commitment.  And today is that day.  Along with some major tea mojo and my first couple of chapter outline; I am going to script out my graphic novel.  It’s not going to be pretty, it is actually going to be quite ugly as far as scripts go and proper formatting.  But it will be done.

And maybe next year, I can pass the torch onto someone who is way more qualified at Script Frenzy than I am.  A Person who longs to be a scripter, who loves film and graphic novels.  Who dissects dialogue in their sleep and knows the format of a movie and the arcs.  Who wears that geek badge proudly and wants full heartidly to wave that torch.


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